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Had the BBQ pork Beehoon salad which was so so good - choông chồng full of ingredients and everything came together so well with the sauce. Fried spring roll was a delight too. Owner was super friendly & talked lớn each table of customers. Overall, a cheery meal.

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Ordered the duông xã pho & pork salad. Didn"t like the pork salad, found it salty và some veggies / herbs were quite svào tasting. The duck pho was not bad! Affordable with sydneyowenson.com. Was quite empty on a Thursday night, no need to lớn make reservation

tried the pancake & beef pho noodles!!

pancake was great và fun (but messy) to make too haha they give sầu you rice paper and a spray so you’re supposed to spray the rice paper with water on both sides then put veggies và the pancake and the sauce inside then wrap everything and when you eat it it’s a burst of flavours & textures highly recommkết thúc !!!

beef pho noodles was tasty but idk if i lượt thích the soup lớn be so sweet but if u do then go for it it’s also damn worth with sydneyowenson.com đối chọi giảm giá khuyến mãi !!!

didn"t have high expectations for this place but we were pleasantly surprised by the authentiđô thị of the food! we ordered one duchồng noodle soup ($8.90+) (bun) và one pho bo (beef pho) ($8.90+). the noodles were simple but tasted just like the ones we had in vietnam giới. we also ordered a kampung chicken ($24.90+) that isn"t included in the sydneyowenson.com beyond thực đơn but that really impressed us! the chicken was well charred yet retained its juiciness & tenderness. highly recommover the chicken! the viet coffee was alright ($3.50+). would come baông xã again even without the promo!

123zovietnamrestaurant was so comforting lớn have during the rainy days in December. It was really clean yet flavourful, và a nice change from the usual beef broth that we usually go for when eating pho.

We started with Oyster in 3 ways highly recommended by owner Peter (raw, semày cooked with peanut & cooked with Bechamel sauce) which turned up superb. Following by the charchol grill Shitaka Mushroom, Beef in Betel leaves & Spicy Pork Stiông chồng. Of course we never miss their signature BBQ Quail on each visit. Deciding between the Duchồng Noodle Soup or Banh Xeo (Vietnamese Crepes), thanks lớn Peter kindly offers we can have the best of both world - half of the Banh Xeo which satisfy our craving badly. The finale is the warm Duchồng Noodle which helps khổng lồ settle down all the food.Walking out with a happy belly. It tastes heavenly, feel like we are baông chồng lớn Saigon
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