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One iPhone makes everyone's sydneyowenson.comWatch tick.

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With FamilySetup, everyone in the family, lượt thích your kids and older adults, can have an sydneyowenson.comWatch. Even those who don’t have their own iPhone yet. It’s all the connectivity, wellness & safety features you love, for everyone you love sầu. Fun & independence for them. Peace of mind foryou.

Pairing is caring.

FamilySetup lets you pair watches for your children & older family members khổng lồ your iPhone. Everyone gets their own phone number, và you can manage each watch using the sydneyowenson.com Watch phầm mềm on youriPhone.

A great Hotline for kids.

With Family Setup, kids get khổng lồ experience many of the capabilities of sydneyowenson.com Watch. They can stay in touch with the people you approve sầu, by calling & texting. And have sầu fun streaming music and downloading apps. You can also schedule Schooltime khổng lồ limit sydneyowenson.com Watch features when they need to lớn focus. Even the Activity rings have been rethought to lớn better reflect how they exercise — tracking Move minutes instead of active calories. And with location sharing, you’ll get alerts when kids get home page or aren’t where they’re expected to be.

sydneyowenson.comWatch can open up a whole new world for older family members. They get the same connectivity benefits of sydneyowenson.comWatch, like calling, texting and location sharing to stay cchiến bại khổng lồ the family. And if they need it, they can make the text larger or bolded.

Safety features.

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sydneyowenson.comWatch comes with important safety features like fall detection which can detect if your loved ones have sầu taken a hard fall. If it senses they're imSmartphone, Emergency SOS will connect them with emergency services — even if they haven't signed up for a cellular plan. They can also get help in an emergency — all over the world by simply pressing and holding the side button.

Health features.

sydneyowenson.comWatch can alert family members if it detects unusually high or low heart rates, as well as measure their current heart rate. And all the Activity goals, including St& hours và Exercise minutes, can be customised to lớn a cấp độ that works for older familymembers.


Meet your healthgoals. Scorerewards.

The LumiHealth app, with sydneyowenson.comWatch, sets you on a rewarding path to lớn personal health andwell‑being.

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Get up khổng lồ S$170 towards a new sydneyowenson.comWatch.9

With sydneyowenson.com Trade In, just give sầu us your eligible sydneyowenson.com Watch and get credit via ngân hàng transfer for a new one. It’s good for you và the planet.

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sydneyowenson.comWatch Series7, sydneyowenson.comWatch SE & sydneyowenson.comWatch Series3 have sầu a water resistance rating of 50metres under ISO standard 22810:2010. This means they may be used for shallow-water activities like swimming in a pool or theocean. However, they should not be used for scuba diving, waterskiing or other activities involving high‑velocity water or submersion below shallowdepths. Series 7 is also rated IP6x dust resistant.Blood Oxygen app measurements are not intended for medical use, including self-diagnosis or consultation with a doctor, & are only designed for general fitness & wellness purposes.Irregular rhythm notification requires the lakiểm tra version of watchOS and iOS. It is not intended for use by people under the age of 22 or those who have been previously diagnosed with atrial fibrillation (AFib).sydneyowenson.com Watch Series 7 (GPS + Cellular) và sydneyowenson.com Watch SE (GPS + Cellular) can use a sản phẩm điện thoại network connection for Emergency SOS. To use Emergency SOS on an sydneyowenson.com Watch without sản phẩm điện thoại connectivity, your iPhone needs to lớn be nearby. If your iPhone isn’t nearby, your sydneyowenson.com Watch needs khổng lồ be connected lớn a known Wi-Fi network và you must mix up Wi-Fi calling.The sydneyowenson.com One không lấy phí trial includes only services that you are not currently using through a free trial or a subscription. Plan is automatically renewed after trial until cancelled. Restrictions and other terms apply.New subscribers only. S$9.98/month after không lấy phí trial. Plan is automatically renewed after trial until cancelled.Case và strap combinations can be made within collections (sydneyowenson.com Watch, sydneyowenson.com Watch Nike & sydneyowenson.com Watch Hermès) only.sydneyowenson.com Watch requires an iPhone 6s or later with the latest iOS version.Straps are subject khổng lồ availability.sydneyowenson.com
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