868-HACK ($4.99) is: a risky pricing-experiment, a rogue-like, a tightly-designed machine, a Michael Brough game, và an onion…

I forgot smart, really fun, super challenging, and dangerously addictive – in the best way possible.

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868-HACK is a rogue-lượt thích, where you – turn for turn, with your enemies – move about 8 cyber-sectors attempting to haông xã siphons. To be successful, you’ll need abilities. To gain abilities, you’ll need resources. Ultimately, strategic planning & decision making – move by move sầu – will determine how long you’ll survive sầu and where your name will rest on the leaderboards.

The layers that peel off the mechanics – once 868 has settle in – begin khổng lồ reveal such a simple premise to lớn be a complex onion. I began strategizing my steps instead of instinctively moving, because every step & choice matters. One misstep WILL mean “game over.”

This is one of the most challenging rogue-likes I’ve sầu ever played, và requires your time, patience, & gradual understanding to lớn fully grasp. Give sầu 868-HACK that, though, & it becomes a glowing approach to lớn a genre that often packs in more for gains, instead of simplifying without loss.

With little to lớn no description about what his game *really* is, an art direction that – to some – may be a bit TOO retro, and a risky asking price: Brough makes an important statement about what we expect our iOS gaming experiences khổng lồ be. Not all touch games are unworthy gaming experiences.

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After playing 868-HACK, I was ecstatic with my purchase. The game is incredibly fun, unique, endlessly-playable, brilliantly designed, & worth way more than what it’s asking for. Michael obviously poured godly amounts of time into lớn designing this game; time that, in the over, pays off on the player’s end.

Brilliant game mechanics are rare these days. Even more so, are those mechanics that reveal underlying mechanics as you progressively get better at playing the game. Getting better at 868-HACK is the carrot on the stiông xã, & once you have sầu had a small nibble you’ll find yourself running, khổng lồ the edge of the earth, for one more bite.

868-HACK is for everyone who loves to tell themselves, “Just one more try”, and realize 2 more hours have sầu passed. It’s that kind of gripping game experience that makes you forget all else exists at that moment. It’s nothing flashy, just great mechanics and an excellent approach to simplified design that harkens bachồng to the best classic arcade games. Reminds me how much more important great game mechanics are, và how badly we need more of it on the platsize.