Written on October 11, 2017.

Bạn đang xem: A360 desktop version expiration

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A brief history:

A360 Desktop was designed to lớn sit in the background on your PC to keep local copies of your A360 Drive files up to lớn date. This is much the same as Google Drive or Dropbox in that you can install it as an application that will keep a folder up lớn date with your stored files.

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The system was quite effective but perhaps under-utilised in the wider Autodesk user sydneyowenson.community.

Autodesk has announced that they’ve sầu decided to stop concentrating on the A360 Desktop app’. In practical terms it means that they are encouraging people lớn stop using the A360 Desktop application và for the time being, they can upload files lớn the A360 Drive using the website interface. This might seem a bit odd but Autodesk seems to lớn be looking at the long term – my belief is that if they can incorporate the saving và access lớn the A360 Drive files directly through the software then this would mean a more seemless experience for the user.

Where khổng lồ from here?

So when you get the warning above, you have 2 choices, either disable the software (uninstalling is not resydneyowenson.commended in the Autodesk information pages) or install a newer version if you wish khổng lồ keep using it in its current form. I am not sure how many users actually utilised A360 Drive through the Desktop Application so the first option may be the most salient và if you have never used the service and don’t plan on using it then this would be the option that I would resydneyowenson.commkết thúc. If you are a CAD / BIM Manager & you want lớn prevent users from installing software then you’ll be interested in looking at this option too – assuming you haven’t already attended lớn it