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Greetings ACET Members và Guests!

We are thrilled to lớn welcome all of you baông xã khổng lồ our first in-person conference experience since 2019! Being apart the last two years, we learned just how resilient our organization & its members truly are. Through it all, ACET remained dedicated to lớn meeting our goal of providing timely professional development that will impact & shape the lives of young people for a lifetime.

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Our members have sầu inspired our spring conference theme, “Agents of Change in Evolving Times.” During some of the most difficult & challenging times of our lives, we have pivoted in ways that have changed our daily routines, & mindsets. We’ve discovered just how creative we really are when faced with tough challenges.

Gathering together in San Marcos will give us a chance khổng lồ giới thiệu outside-of-the-box ideas for evolving times. Think about what being an agent of change means for you. Share your thoughts via Twitter. Be sure to lớn tag us
sydneyowenson.comorg. I look forward to lớn seeing you in San Marcos!


Deon Quinn, ACET President


Letter from Shirley Coleman, ACET Executive sầu DirectorSkết thúc Email To Shirley Coleman

Greetings ACET Members!

We are excited lớn be getting ready for the fall conference to be held in Corpus Christi October 18-21, 2922.

Our theme for this year is Waves of Change: It Starts with Us. We hope that you will join us as we move forward with making changes that will help move sầu the students we serve sầu forward in their educational endeavors. There will be a variety of topics presented và as always, we will conclude our conference with updates from Cory Green.

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The pre-conference on October 18th is designed to lớn assist new program directors prepare for their work in Federal/State Programs. We hope you will plan to lớn attend this extra day as it always proves to be worthwhile for our new directors.

This conference, the President’s Give sầu Bachồng program will focus on assisting the Food Bank in Corpus with donations which they greatly need. Many of the students we work with are impacted by the ability of their parents to receive much needed supplementary food items. Deon Quinn, our President, is asking that we assist the program by bringing food items such as pasta, cereal, peanut butter, rice, etc. The food bank also asked for things such as canned fruit, but we know this will be difficult to travel with, canned goods, but is easy for us lớn include a package of dried foods in our suitcases, so please consider bringing something lớn mô tả.

Again, we are looking forward to lớn seeing you in Corpus Christi as Waves of Change: It Starts With Us is a true statement.

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