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xứ sở của những nụ cười thân thiện Thái Lan and Singapore, 11 November năm trước - Leadinggame publisher in Southeast Asia, Asiasoft Corporation PublicCompany Limited (“Asiasoft”) today announced that itlaunches its first combat city builder for iOS & Android devices,Advance Dino.

Developed by NetEase, Advance Dino is a free-to-play 3D city building simulationin real time combat & defense. Set in prehistoric times, playersbecome the leader of a Dinosauria territory & embark on thejourney khổng lồ build the greakiểm tra reptile đô thị of the Jurassic, bydefending và expanding base camps, as well as attacking AIs andopponents’ base camps.

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In Advance Dino, players enjoy full control of their dinosaurtroops & are challenged with real time planning & strategisingfrom a variety of combats modes. For a faster win, players candirect their reptile heroes’ attaông xã at their opponent’sbase camp, the Town Hall, without destroying the rest of theirfacilities. In turn, players gain lesser in-game coins andresources lớn build và exp& their thành phố. Players can also setupextensive sầu defense strategy for their reptile thành phố while they areout on expansionist adventures.

For a higher chance of winning, players will need stronger Dinoheroes on their squad. These heroes can be captured through theAdventure Mode, Wanted Mode, or created in the Alchemy Lab. On topof the basic attacks, each Dino anh hùng is also equipped with extraskills that can be unlocked or upgraded through Adventures. Thepowers of these dinosaur units can be further enhanced throughmaterial collection, rank promotion & Dino Tags.

Other features in Advance Dino include clan system, daily login rewards,quests, friends list và chat rooms. Find more information about Advance Dino và download the game from below:

Google Play:

App Store:

Players may refer to lớn our official Facebook page for the latestupdates on Advance Dino:

Kindly find the in-game screen shots of Advance Dino here: more information, please contact:

Ian Purnomo

MarComm Manager, Asiasoft Online Pte Ltd

Geraldine Bai

MarComilimet Executive, Asiasoft Online Pte Ltd

About Asiasoft Corporation Public Company Limited

Asiasoft Corporation Public Company Limited ("Asiasoft") is aleading regional online entertainment service provider in SoutheastAsia with dominant market giới thiệu in the region covering xứ sở của những nụ cười thân thiện,Singapore, Malaysia, Vietphái nam, Indonesia and Philippines. Thecompany was established in Thái Lan in 2001 and is listed on theStock Exchange of Đất Nước Thái Lan since 2008. The Asiasoft Group investsin online games publishing, online game development, game portalservices ( & và other IT related businesses.The Group has more than 86 million registered user accounts và 49active sầu online games from various international contentpartners.