What Is Akamai Netsession Client? Should I Remove It?

The Akamai NetSession Client is a piece of software that not only comes pre-installed on many laptops & desktop computers but also comes bundled with quite a significant number of applications và programs – especially computer games. Akamai NetSession Client requires access khổng lồ the public và private networks that you use in order lớn be able to lớn connect to lớn the internet. Since it is the duty of Windows Firewall khổng lồ blochồng any suspicious program trying to get through its firewall và access the mạng internet, it blocks the Akamai NetSession Client in almost all cases and asks the user if they want lớn grant it access to lớn the private và public networks they use.

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However, most people are hesitant to lớn give a program that they know very little about access khổng lồ not only their computer but also the internet through their computer, which is why they wonder exactly what the Akamai NetSession Client is và whether or not they should grant it access lớn the networks they use.


The Akamai NetSession Client is a tool that claims to lớn have only one job – capture information from an installed computer & use that information for troubleshooting and network performance monitoring purposes. This basically means that while Akamai NetSession Client is installed on your computer, it constantly sends information about your computer lớn Akamai servers. In addition, if that wasn’t shady enough, Akamai also uses the idle bandwidth (the portion of your mạng internet connection that you are not using at any given time) on computers that the NetSession Client is installed on to upload files & data lớn other Akamai users.

Basically, when your computer is left on and idle or a large portion of your bandwidth is not being used, Akamai uses your computer’s internet connection to upload data to lớn its other users, much like a peer-to-peer network (such as most torrent clients) does.

Akamai has a long và prestigious reputation lớn protect, so it is safe to assume that the company won’t be sending your private files or sensitive sầu information khổng lồ its servers through the NetSession Client. It would also not be too farfetched to lớn believe sầu that Akamai vets the files it transfers using its users’ idle bandwidth to lớn make sure that they are not infected. However, using your computer when it is idle – or even worse, when you are using it – is a severe enough transgression to deem not only denying the Akamai NetSession Client internet access but also uninstalling it completely (và preferably staying away from all Akamai products altogether) a reasonable course of action.

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In addition, it is not just computer users who value their privacy to lớn an extreme degree who should deny the Akamai NetSession Client access khổng lồ their private and public networks và preferably uninstall it. Since the program uses idle bandwidth lớn upload files through your mạng internet connection, it will use up the amount of data that you pay your Internet Service Provider for, & that is nothing short of a disaster for users who have sầu data caps (a limit to the amount of data they can download & upload through their internet connection per month).

Uninstalling the Akamai NetSession Client

All you need to lớn bởi vì is:

Hold the Windows Key và Press R.In the run dialog, type appwiz.cpl & cliông chồng OK.Type “appwiz.cpl” into the Run dialog và press EnterFrom the danh sách of Installed Programs, locate “Akamai Net session Client”, double-click on it and choose khổng lồ uninstall it.Wait for the program to be uninstalled completely và restart your computer.
By Kevin Arrows January 25, 2020
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What is: The Akamai NetSession Client?

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