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this is a hot topic now days so i will skip the intro và get straight lớn the point. lately i have sầu seen lots of misconceptions và misleading info spreading lượt thích wildfire all across this fandom through twitter, tumblr và even through the posts on this app...

now, before anyone jumps to assumptions, read carefully what i"ve sầu to lớn say. this blog is NOT written with the intention of defending/excusing anyone. the only purpose of this blog is to lớn clear up the mix up between the terms "SOLO STAN" and "AKGAE."


got that? good, now we can proceed.

first things first. many of you are probably familiar with the term " SOLO STAN"(or "individual fan"), but are you really sure you know the true meaning of it?


SOLO STAN = stanning 1 member of the group & being indifferent khổng lồ the rest.


solo stans tư vấn one (or two) member(s) in a group và they don"t show any care and/or interest for the rest of the group. there are multiple reasons why people stan one instead of all members.

one of the most frequent is they were introduced khổng lồ the idol through their solo works and projects rather than the ones the idol did with their group.

further, they might"ve sầu liked their solo works better than the group releases because maybe the music the group makes just wasn"t their cup of tea.


the music that the members put out as solo artists is usually different from the music they make as a part of the group as they"ve sầu more creative sầu freedom. a good example are the mixtapes of BTS" rappers. each mixtape shows off the unique individual style of each rapper yet they"re different from the music the rappers make as a part of the group a.k.a BTS.

solo stans are common in groups whose members bởi vì many solo projects, lượt thích BIGBANG. in S. K. the members of BIGBANG are seen as successful solo artists who occasionally make a group comebachồng.

contrary to popular belief, solo stans DON"T clalặng they love sầu the whole group when they only like/support 1 member.


got that too? good, now we can go on

악개 I akgae I

have sầu you ever heard about the term "악개" because it"s well-known in korean bạn culture. if you haven"t, well today you will.

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what exactly is an akgae anyways?

it"s short for "akseong gaeinpaen" (악성개인팬) or "malicious individual người." these fans lượt thích only one thành viên of the group & strongly dislike/bash the others. they think so highly of their bias that they belive sầu their bias deserves more than being in a group or their bias doesn"t get enough attention.

solo stung ≠ akgae

due to the fact that solo stans & akgae are both types of individual fans, these two get often mixed up as one gets confused for the other & vice versa.

to lớn clear things up, here"s a menu with the differences between solo stans & akgae.

↳ solo stans don"t voice their opinion on other

members as they have no interest in them;

↳ akgae are very vocal about bashing and

depreciating other members in the group;

↳ solo stans only tư vấn và follow their

fave’s music/acting/projects/endeavors;

↳ akgae get angry at other members if their

fave sầu doesn"t get enough attention;

↳ akgae disregard injustice towards other

members, while solo stans are indifferent;

↳ akgae claim their fave is the only talented

member in the group etc.

still confused?

akgae clayên ổn to lớn be a tín đồ of the whole group when actually they srã only one(or two) member(s) of the group while bashing và depreciate all other members. solo stans are often just indifferent for the rest of the group since they mostly follow the individual endavours of their favourite member, so

solo schảy =/= akgae

other groups which have sầu lots of members(like SNSD or Super Junior) are well known khổng lồ have sầu many solo stans however, these fans were able khổng lồ co-exist since the solo stans remained respectful towards the other group members.

this tweet is an example of an akgae, NOT a solo schảy. take a good look.

i am not defending anyone, but please educate yourself on the right terms và if you are not sure then try asking people who have sầu more knowledge and expirience. always double kiểm tra the info you hear and read. there are plenty sites like r/kpop on reddit or onehallyu where you can ask questions.

solo stung =/=akgae =/= ARMY

neither of these are fans of the group. but there is no need to hate on solo stans, as long as they are not bashing the other mebers. not everyone can be OT7 và no one should feel forced or pressured to lớn bởi so. Solo stans are just solo stans & NOT ARMYs. also being a solo srã is NOT the same as having a bias. i hope this is clear.


Yes, I know what Taehyung said in BTStage & I agree but he was only saying that lớn BTS fans/ARMYs. He wasn"t talking about solo stans or akgae as they are NOT a part of ARMY as I said already in my blog.

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─ side note:

if you have sầu any questions, feel miễn phí khổng lồ ask. if you"d lượt thích to lớn chia sẻ your opinion & your thoughts, vì chưng so but be civil. if you want to read about how fandoms affect your mental health i suggest you read the blogs i linked at the over of the last paragraph.

if you"d lile khổng lồ know more about akgae fans, here"s a good article by SeoulBeats which talks in depth about the negative sầu impact of akgae fans in kpop.

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