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a message, for example on your Smartphone phone or on television or radio, that warns you or gives you information about something:
You can mix location-based alerts so your phone will remind you of something important when you are arriving at or leaving a location.
He also alerts us to the dangers of affluent baby boomers using their political clout to get policy precedence.
These examples are from corpora and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples bởi vì not represent the opinion of the editors or of University Press or its licensors.
Thus, it constantly alerted the government khổng lồ the need of keeping a tight rein on criminal và subversive sầu elements.
The instant we hear "lest" our minds are alerted lớn concentrate on the significance of the following clause.
Information from the dorsal stream alerts the organism khổng lồ the fact that something of potential interest or importance is out there.
Her study also alerts us to lớn the fact that collaboration has social và personal consequences for participants.

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In addition, the service provides all users with free access khổng lồ tables of contents & abstracts, & a không lấy phí gmail alerting service.
What is called for is a reporting system that monitors all expenditures và alerts the government lớn potential overruns.
An additional 21 new participants were recruited khổng lồ the study in 1991 by alerting area clinics that participants were being sought for the study.
His retreating khổng lồ her when he has been startled, alerted, slightly hurt, mildly frightened or fatigued seldom elicits her attention.
Punctuation delineates rhetorical structure, so that a reader can be explicitly alerted lớn certain formal contrivances relevant to lớn the communicative significances embodied in a text.



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