Allegation là gì

2 : a positive sầu assertion especially of misconduct Some former colleagues have sầu made serious allegations against hyên.

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specifically : a statement by a các buổi party lớn a legal action of what the các buổi tiệc nhỏ undertakes khổng lồ prove
The police are investigating allegations that the mayor has accepted bribes. There have sầu been allegations of fraud in the city government. You"re making a serious allegation. Do you have any proof?
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Recent Examples on the Web The governor’s office referred the complaint about that allegation to the state attorney general & later lớn the Albany Police Department. — Deanmãng cầu Paul, WSJ, "Cuomo Accused of Inappropriate Behavior by Fifth Female Aide," đôi mươi Mar. 2021 As for the allegation that the captain had previously been abusive? —, "Police have sầu long had a haphazard, lax response to domestic violence within the ranks," 19 Mar. 2021 Voters who saw the journadanh sách making the allegation believed the politician indeed dodged. — David E. Clementson, The Conversation, "4 reasons no president should want to give a press conference," 19 Mar. 2021 The most severe allegation is from an unnamed staffer who told the Times Union of Albany last week that Cuomo groped her in his private residence. — Joe Walsh, Forbes, "Current Cuomo Staffer Accuses Governor Of Sexual Harassment," 19 Mar.

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2021 In at least four counties, the same case manager assigned to complete regular visits to lớn the foster home page where the abuse reportedly occurred is often dispatched to lớn investigate the allegation, former DCF attorney Lisa Dawson-Andrzejczyk said. — USA Today, "Foster kids starved, beaten và molested, reports show. Few caregivers are punished.," 18 Mar. 2021 This allegation comes as criticism over Baker"s mô tả tìm kiếm of spa shooting suspect Robert Aaron Long"s actions on Tuesday continues to lớn grow. — Jamiel Lynch, CNN, "Cherokee County, Georgia, Sheriff"s spokesperson allegedly posted a phokhổng lồ of a racist, anti-Asian Covid-19 shirt on Facebook," 18 Mar. 2021 That prospect recently led the coalition of state Attorneys General led by Texas to lớn amend their antitrust complaint, filed in December, to add the allegation that the Privacy Sandbox is anticompetitive, as the Verge reported this week. — Gilad Edelman, Wired, "Google and the Age of Privacy Theater," 18 Mar. 2021 At Hardesty’s urging, Mayor Ted Wheeler called for an internal police inquiry to lớn determine how the information about the hit-and-run allegation got shared before the case was fully investigated. — oregonlive, "Portland police union president resigns over ‘serious’ mistake related khổng lồ hit-run report that named Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty in error," 16 Mar. 2021

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