I tried finding a proper skill explanation Clip on YouTube but couldn't find. I mean that's how I got lớn know shirou mujou is best for me but no luông xã for aobozu. Can someone tell it here? His Buddha khung alone has such a long explanation, The demonbane khung is equally big. Can someone explain??

I am confused between Aobozu & Kamaitabỏ ra. But kamaitachi in another post. Tell Aobozu for now


Passive sầu : Buddha's ImageWhen Aobozu takes over 35% of his max hp within 5 seconds, he will remove all control effects for one second.

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This is pretty simple really, though it might not be too noticeable during a match, it's pretty helpful for certain clutch moments. Passive stays the same for both BuddhaDemonbane

Buddha form enhances your already existing abilities & grants more CC and survivability.Demonbane form sacrifices some of aobozu's survivability for damage & mobility.

Skill 1 : Meditation*Enters meditation state, continuously gain "Zen" (up lớn 150), while this ability is active, Aobozu reduces all damage he takes by 8%-12% when ability is reactivated or when the duration ends, deals damage to lớn surrounding enemies and extends his damage reduction for a duration (*duration & damage of the ability is increased by the amount of zen you gained while the ability was active).This ability makes aobozu extra tanky during fights. The amount of Zen you gain with this ability will be consumed by other abilities khổng lồ increase their effectiveness when in meditation state.In Buddha form, Aobozu can hold up to lớn 150 zen & gains zen faster when meditating.In Demonbane khung, Zen is replaced with "fury" fury is needed lớn cast aobozu's abilities in demonbane & charges up to lớn 100. Unlike zen, fury will not be used up when meditation ends, and fury does not increase the damage or damage reduction of the ability, it does not enhance your other abilities, but will instantly over và activate the aoe effect. When meditation ends, aobozu will also gain a 50% movement tốc độ buff for 3 seconds.

Skill 2 : Divine GreatnessSwings his staff in a semi-cone, giao dịch damage và slows, & adds 1 mark the enemy hit. when mark reaches 2, aobozu can hit the enemy again to giảm giá khuyến mãi damage and heal. Zen will increase this ability's damage.In Buddha form, when you have 125 zen, hitting divine greatness will instantly place 2 marks on the enemy, so you can just autoattack afterwards lớn proc the healing & damage.In Demonbane form, The ability's cooldown is reduced khổng lồ 2.5 seconds and costs 25 fury.

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Skill 3 : FortificationDash forward, if he hits & enemy shikigamày, he'll grab them and throw them over his shoulder and stun them for a short time. Zen will increase the range of the dash and stun durationIn Demonbane form, the cooldown of the ability is decreased to lớn 8 & he no longer flings the enemy behind hyên, instead he'll knochồng them up for a small duration. Fury does not increase the range và stun duration. Costs 25 fury.

Ult : Everything is emptyAfter unlocking the ability, you can choose between Demonbane and Buddha size.

In Buddha form, Sumtháng a circle in an area, dealing damage, enemies who are in the center will be stunned, those who are in the outer area will be slowed. The farther they are from the center, the less damage they'll take. Zen will increase the ability's damage.

In Demonbane form, Aobozu jumps towards an area và đơn hàng damage(scaling with AD and 20/22.5/25% of the enemy's lost hp. When there are multiple enemies in the area, the damage will be decreased by 10%, up khổng lồ a maximum of 30%. If this ability kills an enemy shikigami, the cooldown of the ability will instantly be refreshed và he instantly gains 100 fury. The ability does not cost any fury và you can jump over walls.

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