How lớn edit đoạn Clip for TikTok? Which tiện ích is best? The post is designed lớn show you the top 10 TikTok video clip applications for you.

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TikTok is fast becoming the most preferred platsize for sharing shorter videos —mostly comic videos. With TikTok"s under-sixty-seconds-Clip policy, you could imagine how important it is lớn make a quiông chồng and yet captivating đoạn phim. Hence, we"ll take a look at the best video editors for TikTok/the best apps lớn edit TikTok videos.

Suppose you vì chưng not want khổng lồ upload a lengthy đoạn phim split into lớn various parts và uploaded as a chain of continued videos, or you want lớn apply those exceptional contrasts & sound effects you often see on other videos to your TikTok Clip. In that case, you might want to consider using a third-các buổi tiệc nhỏ video clip editor for TikTok. Below are the top 10 TikTok đoạn phim editing apps to lớn make stunning videos:

1. Adobe Rush

Adobe Rush gives users an admirable màn chơi of control over their videos. Rush is another cool Clip editor app from Adobe Inc. that could be used for making interesting TikTok videos. Adobe Rush"s interface is quite similar khổng lồ other pro video editing apps. If you used any of those in the past, you wouldn"t have issues adapting to Adobe Rush.

Platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.

Key Features:

- Trlặng videos và change clip sequence;

- Video color correction;

- Filters;

- Text overlays.


2. Filmora Video Editor

Filmora Video EditorFilmora Video Editor for Mac combine power with simplithành phố in a heart-warming way. It is well-grounded for everything videos - from the simple nature of typical TikTok videos to lớn modern, techy videos.

Filmora Video Editor – Best Video Editor for TikTokIt is a fast, straightforward, & highly efficient video software that has been in the movie industry for a while.Provides basic editing tools lớn trim, cut, & merge video clip.You can easily achieve sầu multiply visual effects, such as Picture-in-Picture, Tilt-shift, Green Screen, Reverse effect, etc.
Download For Win 7 or later (64-bit)
Download For macOS 10.12 or later

- How lớn edit videos with Filmora Video Editor

-Step 1. Add the đoạn phim for editing

Drag your clip from your tệp tin manager onlớn the main interface. You could clichồng "Import" khổng lồ select files manually if you"re more comfortable with that.


-Step 2. Drag và drop imported clip(s) lớn the timeline.

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Drag your clip from your file manager onkhổng lồ the main interface. You could click "Import" to select files manually if you"re more comfortable with that.

For more comfortable và more accurate editing, zoom in on the timeline. Doing this gives room for more precise positioning of texts, stickers, sounds, effects, etc.


-Step 3. Edit your đoạn phim clip.

Filmora is heavily packed with creative sầu video clip editing options for adding sparks to lớn your imagination. You"re only clicks away from producing a fine, catchy video clip for your viewers.


Take note of the areas enclosed within red rectangles in the image above. That"s all you"ll need for basic TikTok Clip editing on Filmora Video Editor. From the left to right of the top red rectangle in the picture above sầu, you can import your media files, add audio, titles (text/subtitles), transitions, elements, và split screens.

3. ViaMaker(Renamed khổng lồ CapCut)

CapCut is another excellent đoạn Clip editing tool, especially for TikTok videos. The same developers developed CapCut as TikTok, so you could expect most of the features to lớn be well thought out and tailored specially for the typical TikTok video. There is nearly an endless supply of FX and animations for creating convectional TikTok videos, and even better —in a more compelling manner. CapCut has a vast music & effect library và other editing features such as speed change và video clip reversal.

Platforms: iOS, Android.

Key Features:

- Texts & stickers;

- Huge sound library;

- Tons of creative đoạn Clip effects;

- Animations.

VEED is a unique online video clip editor that weirdly prioritizes renewable energy. It claims 100% of its facilities are run on renewable energy. One can see the reflection of their love for clean energy from VEED’s interface! The phầm mềm is a clean và pretty đoạn Clip editor that can get your work done snappily without even needing khổng lồ create an trương mục on the platkhung. Another great thing about VEED is that you vày not need to install any apps on your devices: VEED is fully functional on the web as long as you have an active internet connection —irrespective of your device type.

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