Find out the main differences between the two most important application markets: Google Play and App Store. Both are responsible for hosting the vast majority of applications that users have installed on their devices. But where should you invest khổng lồ make profit? Read this post khổng lồ make a meaningful decision.


Apple created the first truly innovative sản phẩm điện thoại operating system after the introduction of the first iPhone in 2007.The iPhone stands out for offering a unified user experience và completely innovative designs, different from those of other operating systems. It is for this reason, because of its design & simpliđô thị, that iOS has become the preferred operating system for many users around the world.

Some of the main advantages of the App Store applications are as follows:

The applications of IOS are compatible with all Apple devices. This means that you download the application once, you can enjoy it through all other devices.iOS users are more willing khổng lồ purchase applications và content.Solid security protocols in the App Store .The top earning countries for Apple are the US, the UK, Japan, Trung Quốc, và nước Australia.

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It is a closed operating system, i.e. only Apple products can use it.


Android Inc. was purchased by Google in 2005. It is focused on di động devices and tablets of all kinds.Just as iOS has its own tiện ích store, App Store, Android also has its own market called Google Play.The benefits of Android:

Free operating system: Unlượt thích iOS , Android is suitable for any technology company that wants, for this reason there are a variety of devices with this operating system. Cheaper applications. It is possible lớn tải về third-buổi tiệc ngọt or non-Google applications. Users are more reluctant to spkết thúc money on applications.The countries that generate the most revenue for Android are the USA, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Germany and Japan.


After analyzing each operating system separately we must show the main differences between them:While iOS is a closed operating system, Android is open, so it can be installed on multitude of different devices. This makes the majority of devices sold in the world have an Android operating system, which also causes the number of applications downloads to be greater in Google Play.

However, while Android is a leader in number of devices và downloads, iOS generates many more revenue, contract generated 80% more revenue last year.

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This is due to several reasons: The cost of App Store applications are much higher and users are not reluctant to pay them.On Android, it is possible to install applications obtained outside of Google Play, which can negatively influence revenue.Therefore, although in the future it is anticipated that these differences will be reduced by the improvements that Android introduces in its operating system, at the moment iOS is the market of applications that generates more revenue at a worldwide cấp độ.As for the most downloaded applications, the sections that are growing the most are games và photography, not forgetting musical applications, lifestyle and entertainment. Therefore, games continue khổng lồ be the most beneficial to both companies.

Comparison of App Stores for Developers: Google Play vs Apple App Store

Both Apple and Google allow developers to create applications, although the development process is different in many ways, from initial cost, programming language to discovery and monetization. Both platforms have their own advantages and disadvantages, so it is important khổng lồ examine both stores before launching yourself into development. Below I will place the most notable differences between the Apple App Store and Google Play, which you may want lớn consider before choosing a platform.


Application development on Android is technically more difficult due lớn its fragmentation of multiple versions that run on consumer devices và multiple screen sizes. While the Android development language is Java, for iOS you need khổng lồ know Objective-C or Swift.


Becoming an Android developer costs a flat rate of $25, while iOS developers must pay $ 99 each year.

App Name

While Google allows 30 characters in the app name, Apple allows 255 characters so there is a little freedom khổng lồ add additional keyword. Retìm kiếm has shown that adding keyword in the phầm mềm name has a significant effect on ranking in both ứng dụng stores. In the Apple App Store you can not change the title of your application, unless you submit an updated version. This makes A/B testing of the title more difficult, compared to lớn Google Play where you can change the title at any time.


While the App Store offers a section khổng lồ add keyword, in Google Play you have sầu lớn include the từ khoá in the mô tả tìm kiếm & từ khoá of your app"s ad, one after another is prohibited. Itunes allows a maximum of 100 characters for từ khóa, so be sure to lớn add the best keyword. In the Apple App Store, the description has no impact in terms of App Store optimization.

Shipping process

The Apple App Store consists of more unique applications. The reason behind this is the time khổng lồ submit your phầm mềm to lớn the App Store, the Apple guys tải về và reviews it before posting. This prevents illegal and malicious content from entering the store. This is the biggest problem for developers, as applications are rejected by minor errors, and the Đánh Giá process can last up to 2 weeks. On Google Play, once you submit your ứng dụng, it"s available in about 2 hours.


However there is a significant difference in membership fees that looks like Apple monetizes better applications và offer possibilities for developers lớn make more money than they could in the Play Store. According khổng lồ research, iOS users tải về more apps và more paid apps than Android users. If you are building to lớn generate income directly then iOS is your friend. Developers get 70% of an ứng dụng sales, both in phầm mềm stores.

App Ranking

Google Play takes inkhổng lồ account external links (social truyền thông, press releases, blogs) in terms of search rankings. In Apple"s store, these links vì not affect the ranking of your application in tìm kiếm results. Google"s tìm kiếm platform works best when it comes to lớn misspellings. However, iTunes also records popular spelling errors for you (for example, "noises" records "Moses" as well). The discovery algorithm is a secret on both sides so developers can not play with the system, ensuring that they get the best results. The algorithm is changed from time to time by Apple và Google, which usually has a large effect on the ranking of applications that bởi not rank for the top 10-20 positions. In the Apple App Store, your application - once it was reviewed & published - has a greater chance of reaching the top of the lists than on Google Play.

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