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Originally posted by:I have found the solution! If you are having this problem, here is what you have to do to play your game: 1. Uninstall Uplay. This can be done from Add or Remove Programs. However, it leaves files behind which you need to delete. Go into Program Files (x86) and delete the entire folder called Ubisoft 3.

Restart computer. (This is important for some reason) 4. Reinstall Uplay from the Uplay webdite. Restart computer again.

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Launch Assassin's Creed Revelation and wait for it to update and do whatever it does It should work fine after that, it did for me. This aparently works for other Uplay games and issues with Uplay. Hope this helps everyone else! Here is the original Thread where i found this fix.

It came from AC Revelation's Forum Page (just scroll down a ltttle bit and you should see the post with the steps: Also, permalink *provided by 'R3troSynB'* that directly highlights the specific post cited in the description: Hope this helps! Please comment frequently so that this post doesnt get burried under Threads complaining about the same issue. Originally posted by:thanks for both the permalink and the feedback! (its always nice to not to spam pathetic insults at someone else on the internet every once in a while) ill post the permalink into the description and credit you for it:ss13ok: man, that's fine:) And tbh what you've posted should hopefully reduce the number of 'Uplay doesn't work' posts here. Might be worth getting the attention of a moderator or anyone with privileges to pin this so we don't have to bump it ourselves.

And man, it's ok, don't have to credit me, but thanks anyway:') For future reference, you can get the permalink of a post by copying the link address of the post number (bottom right-hand corner, format '#N').


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