Bakedanuki (“quái nhân raccoon dog”) are the magifaumãng cầu subspecies of the raccoon dog or tanuki. They are reputed to be mischievous & jolly, masters of disguise & shapeshifting, but somewhat gullible và absentminded.

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Quiông chồng Species Profile(Nyctereutes procyonoides obake) “changing raccoon dog”Life ExpectancyAverage: 500 yearsMax: 100- yearsAverage Height: canid- 45 lớn 71 centimet (18 to 28 in); humanoid-155.8 centimet (5 ft 1 1⁄2 in) Average Weight: canid- 6.5 to lớn 7 kg (14–15 lbs); humanoid-56.5 kilogam (124.6 lb) Creature Type: Henge Magifauna (animal; humanoid)

A Bakedanuki has two forms—that of a typical tanuki and a humanoid. Their raccoon dog form has the same dimensions và appearance of natural tanuki, a wild dog with markings that closely resemble those of a raccoon. The winter fur is long and thichồng with dense underfur & coarse guard hairs. It is of an earth-brown or brownish-grey color with blaông xã guard hairs. The tail is darker than the torso. A dark stripe is present on the bachồng which broadens on the shoulders, forming a cross shape. The summer fur is brighter & reddish-straw colored. A Bakedanuki’s humanoid khung will resemble a typical human, homin, elf or amazoness. Occasionally it will retain a raccoon dog attribute, usually a tanuki tail. However, humanoid bakedanuki do not typically sport tanuki ears, tanuki eyes, unusual coloration, or any other unmistakable markers unless they intentionally bởi vì so.
Physiological TraitsRaccoon Dog Tail: Bakedanuki can use their large fluffy tails to lớn attack targets via spinning, slow their descent from a height or even fly for a short period of time after running for a certain distance.Low Light Vision: Behind the light sensitive cells lies another layer called the tapetum lucidum which reflects light bachồng through the eye. This doubles the intensity of images received by the hujing. Their eyes glow green when light is shone into them at night.Keen Smell: Bakeneko have sầu the same great sense of smell as natural tanuki, which is better than many species but pales compared to inugangươi.Hibernation: Raccoon dogs are the only canines that hibernate during the winter. To bởi vì this, they paông xã on fat, decrease their metabolism by 25 percent và settle inside their burrows until warmer weather arrives. Tanuki are communal hibernators who prefer to cuddle up to lớn their partners when they slumber.Dexterous hands: Even as tanuki, their paws have sầu the dexterity lớn hold certain objectsLarge Scrotum: The natural tanuki has disproportionately large testicles, so male bakedanuki like khổng lồ exaggerate the form size of them with shapeshifting for humorous reasons and pranks.Biomagical Attributes
Shapeshifting: Bakedanuki can innately shift between the shape of a raccoon dog/tanuki and an authentic humanoid. This ability is gained once they pass fifty years of age. Bakedanuki have two forms:
2.A tanuki can assume the appearance of a specific single humanoid of the same sex as a mặc định. Unlike other henge who can only turn into this default humanoid và modify it, Bakedanuki can turn inkhổng lồ any humanoid they have sầu seen or can imagine. However a humanoid khung that isn’t their default, which retain tanuki ears và a tail. In order lớn get around this, a bakedanuki can shrink them or camouflage them, but if surprised or excited the ears và tail will twitch, making it a dead giveaway.
Bakedanuki also have sầu the ability to shapeshift into lớn any inanimate object, though they vì require a leaf as a mental focus for this sorcery. It is likely that the mana inside their bodies helps convert the mass into energy and vice versa as they can even change size as large as a tree or small as a tea kettle.
 Bakedanuki can also change the appearance of things & beings other than themselves. The new khung the target takes depends on the bakedanuki’s own conception. However, if there is no resemblance between the base object & the disguised one, it will probably be seen through immediately, especially in regard khổng lồ creatures, and thus revert. While the ability is described as a simple disguise, it isn’t a mere illusion và actually influences và changes the physical properties of the target as they seem to lớn obtain the properties of whatever they transsize into.
Gliding: Tanuki can slowly float down when falling, using their tail by flicking their tail up và down during the descent.
Regeneration: External wounds, including fractured bones và deep burns, heal at a much more accelerated rate, disregarding severity và lost limbs are regenerated quickly or can be reattached. Minor damaged internal organs may heal, but take more time lớn heal và nerves may remain damaged.Tumorous cells may actually be multiplied via regeneration as they are considered living cells.
Like their natural counterparts, tanuki are carnivorous animals meaning that they hunt và eat other animals in order to lớn survive. As raccoon dogs spover a great khuyến mãi of time cthua to lớn water, their diet is primarily made up from frogs and fish along with rodents, small birds, eggs and invertebrates such as insects & spiders. As far plants, they eat bulbs, rhizomes, oats, millets, maize, nuts, berries, grapes,melons, watermelons, pumpkins and tomatoes.

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The offspring of a tanuki is a litter on average consisting of 6–7 pups, with the potential for gaining wisdom beyond natural animals.
Bakedanuki who reproduce with humanoids in this way will have sầu hanyou offspring that typically appear as their humanoid parent but will have select bakedanuki abilities.
Tanuki reach physical maturity in two or three years but bởi not develop full awareness and personalities to become full fledged bakedanuki until they are 50. Some tanuki serve as a familiar lớn spell caster not only as a means of protection but also to learn their various spells by example.

As the Hujing recruited for the Yokai empire, they shared the few remaining copies of the Henge scrolls to create new magical beasts lớn join their ranks. One of them were raccoon dogs or Tanuki, who became a new magical subspecies, the Bakedanuki.

 Bakedanuki are devout followers of the Youkai faith, the ethnic religion of their culture. It is defined as action-centered, focused on ritual practices lớn be carried out diligently, to show respect to lớn the various spirits for good fortune. Youkai has no founder, no official sacred scriptures, & no fixed creeds, but it has preserved its main beliefs và rituals throughout the ages.
Because ritual rather than belief is at the heart of Youkai, the bakeneko themselves don’t usually think of Youkai specifically as a religion – it’s simply an aspect of Yokai life. This has enabled Youkai to coexist happily with certain beliefs for centuries as Bakedanuki also have sầu beliefs và philosophies along side Youkai, many are Toaists, Buddhists, Deists.
Companionship & family is important for these critters, so they usually live sầu in monogamous pairs or in small, close-knit groups. Male bakedanuki, in particular, have sầu an exceptional reputation for being both compassionate partners và fathers. They bring food to lớn their pregnant mates, và after their partner gives birth, they take an active sầu, important role in the parenting of pups.
Bakedanuki enjoy playing tricks và fooling other races. These tricks are not malicious, just ways to lớn make others look foolish. They see it as all in good fun, but others may not see it this way.
Bakedanuki can, & have been found lớn, lượt thích Hujing, sometimes live sầu large portions of their lives as humanoids, taking on jobs và businesses, and acting indistinguishable from a mundane one. Other Bakedanuki are known to be quite warlike, working as soldiers, thieves và mercenaries as suits them. Bakedanuki are often mischievous và jolly, but also somewhat gullible and absentminded. Notoriously found of alcohol và parties, they can become at times violent or unpleasant if drunk or deprived of their favorite drinks.
Overall the Bakedanuki are a relaxed và happy people. They love lớn revel and drink, especially whilst camping or outdoors. They also tover khổng lồ be quite lazy, finding places where they can nap undisturbed.
Magic Use

Bakedanuki have sầu relatively powerful sorcery in the form of shapeshifting and transforming things into objects such as trees or teapots. Leaves are often a component khổng lồ the bakedanuki’s shapeshifting magic. They often use their species sorcery to fool merchants by paying them with leaves disguised as paper money. This & their culture’s easy going nature/lachồng of dedication means that most bakedanuki don’t feel the need lớn learn magic styles beyond that.

Author’s Notes

Here is another magical beast based on a popular yokai size of the tanuki, common in Japanese lore. What makes them stand out it their ability khổng lồ shape beyond others with similar powers, and lớn transkhung other things besides themselves.