God of War: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Baldur Someone unable to feel physical sensations, he takes his invulnerability out on others while wishing he could feel something

Two combined images of Baldur alone and with Kratos and Atreus
Is there anyone more confused và deranged in God of War than Baldur? Baldur is the big threat of this game, & he definitely delivers. Someone unable to feel physical sensations, he takes his invulnerability out on others while wishing he could feel something.

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He is another indication of the dysfunction brought on by Odin và his famous family. While there is a lot you probably know about this guy, there may be some details that you overlooked.

Hermes, a character from God of War 3
Is Baldur a retread of Hermes? There are many similarities between these two troublemakers. Both show a weird loyalty lớn their fathers, taunt the god, Kratos as they fight, và possess ridiculous superhuman tốc độ & fast abilities.

They definitely have sầu differences, but it is interesting how both giới thiệu many of the same attributes. Is there a liên kết between the two, or is Kratos facing some issues that have led hlặng to face the same kind of person?

9 Kratos Identifies With Baldur

Kratos và Baldur facing each other
Ironically, Kratos knows exactly what Baldur is going through. He, too, wanted to get revenge against a powerful parent, Zeus. Baldur"s blind range toward Freya, his mother, has brought on a lust for violence that Kratos is all-too-aware of.

As a result, Kratos recognizes the cycle & even discusses the wages of vengeance with Baldur. It"s an interesting moment, & it shows that these two have sầu more in common than one would initially think.

Baldur holding up his glowing hand
Because of the invulnerability spell cast on hyên ổn by Freya, Baldur is also unable to have children. The real Nordic version of this character had a child named Forseti, the god of justice.

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However, because of his state in the game, Baldur would have sầu found it impossible to try lớn have sầu a child with someone. This, too, may have upmix hyên ổn và caused him khổng lồ accept a dark outlook on life.

7 Baldur"s Death Could Be The Setup For All-Out War

Kratos holding Baldur
Baldur"s death is actually a significant storyline in classic Nordic mythology. In the stories, Baldur"s loss of life brings about Ragnorak.

This event is where all the Nordic gods, as well as the nine realms, are destroyed. Since Baldur is done away with by Kratos, this sự kiện could occur in the next game—if a sequel is in the works.

While Baldur is depicted as a rage-filled individual in the game, Norse mythology has shown hyên to be courageous, honorable, & very well-liked. He was seen as the god of light. His death was at the hands of Loki và was entirely unwarranted.

In fact, every person in the world, except a disguised Loki, wept for Baldur to lớn return khổng lồ earth. Talk about a different take on the character.

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5 Baldur Could Be A Cautionary Tale For Atreus

God of War is excellent at creating stories that show cycles & the parallel journeys of characters through excellent storylines. In this installment, Baldur is the unhinged person seeking vengeance, while Kratos is more reserved & controlled.

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This leads khổng lồ his relationship with his son, Atreus. He hasn"t been fully honest with the child, and Freya và others fear this could lead to lớn Atreus blaming Kratos in the future. Baldur could be a cautionary tale of what could happen if Kratos doesn"t improve his relationship with his son.

In another departure from his real mythological counterpart, Baldur has a different physical appearance. In the Norse legends, Baldur is described as beautiful. He is as delicate.

In the game, Baldur is handsome. However, there is a ruggedness about hlặng that does not show hyên ổn lớn be gentle. Again, it makes sense that the developers would take a different direction with Baldur. However, it is interesting to lớn know how different Baldur was in the stories.

3 What"s His Real Name?

If you have sầu ever taken the time khổng lồ look up Baldur, you may find that there are multiple spellings of his name. Some are "Baldr," while others identify hyên as "Balder." The differences in spelling will depkết thúc on the country where he is being discussed.

The Old Norse recognizes hyên ổn as "Baldr," while Old English và German like to spell his name as "Balder." Just know that if you see these other spellings, the conversation is still about this mythological character.

While his Aesir heritage is frequently discussed, Baldur"s Vanir roots are often overlooked. His mother was a Vanir goddess who has the powers of foresight. While she was banished from her people, she likely passed along many of her attributes lớn Baldur.

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While it isn"t mentioned, it could be that Baldur is a good tracker because of his mother"s skill for "seeing in the future."

1 In Mythology, Baldur Is Revived

In the original Norse legover, Baldur ends up being revived after his death. While the first attempt lớn bring hyên bachồng didn"t work, he comes baông chồng from Hel to rule the Nine Realms after the events of Ragnorak.

This situation could indicate what could happen if the developers decide khổng lồ vì chưng another installment in this series. If they follow the mythology, Baldur could be making another appearance. He could even take the reigns from his father. This guy has nine lives.

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