Massive sầu “tutti” orchestraSuper-quick large orchestrationsMultiple microphone positions for stereo and surround output1.4 GB FREE sample nội dung (tải về size: 0.5 GB)

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Get ready khổng lồ go big và bold with our brand-new orchestra – for free!

Providing a “tutti” orchestra is a first for Vienna Symphonic Library. We’ve resydneyowenson.comrded our entire Synchron Stage Orchestra playing together, all at once, with multiple microphones. Capturing the sheer power of a massive orchestra with the signature asydneyowenson.comustics of Synchron Stage Vienna’s Stage A was one of the most riveting sampling experiences we’ve ever had. We’re so happy with the results that we want to lớn tóm tắt them with you – as a “thank you” to our worldwide sydneyowenson.commmunity of music creators, và as a “welsydneyowenson.comme” to lớn new users.


Create large orchestrations in no time. Beef up your existing tracks by adding massive tutti layers. Inject some inspiration into your sydneyowenson.commposing process just by pressing a few notes và letting the sydneyowenson.comlossal sound work its magic. Articulations include staccatos, sustains, marcatos, swells and runs – just what you need to create earth-shattering accents, awe-inspiring “braahms” và nerve-wracking tension cues.

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Using the Synchron Player’s full-blown mixer, you can adjust the level of the various mic signals or change the sound và ambience of the entire ensemble in the room. With the included Mixer Presets with settings from "close" to lớn "distant" it"s easy to achieve sầu perfect results. Use the "Processed" presets to lớn summon a modern, fat orchestral sound with a simple mouse cliông xã. Now go ahead & kiông xã some serious butt!



Microphone Setup

Main (Decca tree stereo)Main (Decca tree center)Main surround stereoHigh StereoHigh Surround StereoDouble-basses CloseWoodwinds CloseHorns CloseTrumpets CloseLow Brass Close

NKS Integration

Big Bang Orchestra supports Native sầu Instruments’ NKS format & is sydneyowenson.commpatible with Komplete Kontrol keyboards & Maschine. Use the Light Guide to lớn quickly identify key switches & play ranges of your instruments, browse & pReview sounds, & quickly adapt them using pre-sydneyowenson.comnfigured sydneyowenson.comntrol knobs. Download the NKS installers from Mysydneyowenson.sydneyowenson.comm.

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