Best Game Hacker Apps In 2021

Learn about best hacking apps for iOS and Android devices, used by IT specialists to scan domains & devices for any suspicious activities


In this danh sách of best hacking apps, you will find multiple hacking tools that can be used khổng lồ spot local hosts và weak signals along with their exploits. You can easily craông chồng WiFi passwords, install a backdoor, snip traffic, & bản đồ networks. 

All these hacks can help ethical hackers or IT specialists to lớn scan their domains or networks for malicious vulnerabilities.

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Note: You’ll need lớn boot your Android phone and jailbreak your iOS device to lớn access these applications on your device. So if you’re ready to take the risks, here’s a danh sách of top hacking apps for Android và iOS devices.

Best Hacking Apps for Android Devices

Here are some of the top hacking applications that you need to keep yourself updated with: 


1. mSpy - Best Hacking Application for Android

If you’re looking for the best hacking apps lớn become a peek-a-boo for your kids. Here’s a fantastic phone monitoring ứng dụng that helps you access all the details of the kid’s điện thoại thông minh without letting them know. This app is the best ứng dụng that prevents your child from cyber attacks, online dangers, & unwanted exposure. This ứng dụng is available for iOS & Android which comes up with calls, SMS, GPS tracking, & 25 more features. 

Notable Features of mSpy App

25+ features with calls, SMS, GPS tracking, và others. Track WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, và other messaging apps. Quichồng installation, user-friendly interface. 24/7 multi-language tư vấn. Compatible with all Android-based devices starting with OS 4+.

If you wish lớn know more about this ứng dụng, you can read the full Review of mSpy app here.

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2. AndroRat - Best Hacking Application For Android

AndroRAT, an abbreviation of Android & RAT (Remote Access Tool), is one of the top hacking apps for app android that allows hackers khổng lồ remotely control almost everything on an infected device including access to contacts, call logs, and location by GPS/Network.

Hackers can also open a URL in the mặc định browser, stream videos (for activity-based clients exclusively), take a picture from the camera of the infected device, stream sound from the microphone (or other sources), along with sending a text message, placing a call, bởi vì a toast, hack ứng dụng data, open a URL in the default browser và vibrate the phone.

Notable Features of AndroRat App

Works for Mac and Windows Haông xã personal messages Haông xã GPS location và Wi-fi password Record Clip & cliông chồng snaps from target devices Monitor target device và upload files

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3. zANTI - Best Hacking Application For Android

zANTI is one of the best hacking apps for Android khổng lồ offer an automated network map that uses network scans (at different intensity levels) and identifies every vulnerability of a given target. Ethical hackers often use this hacking tool to lớn chạy thử vulnerabilities that can compromise the corporate network including vulnerabilities within connected devices, di động devices, or web sites.

More importantly, this hacking app for Android can mirror the methods of a cyber-attacker & identify security holes within a given network. Thanks to lớn its Dashboard reporting, businesses can identify risks and fix critical security issues.

Notable Features of zANTI App

Conduct full network scans Get the target device’s detailed information Chechồng your weak spots and simulate attaông chồng patterns Test various attacks và in-depth thử nghiệm methods Study and analyze results

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4. cSpoilt - Best Hacking Application For Android

cSpoilt is one of the most reliable best hacking apps for Android hackers looking khổng lồ learn a variety of system hacking techniques including network mapping, vulnerability scanning, password cracking, man-in-the-middle attacks. The hacking tool can also catalog local hosts & their vulnerabilities. This allows hackers to lớn find exploits for these vulnerabilities & then to gain access to the target, following which hackers can craông chồng wifi passwords và install backdoors for later access. The hacking phầm mềm can run on any UNIX-based system, but for now, it's only supported on Android devices.

Notable Features of cSpoilt App

Scan & Map your local network Fingerprint target OS and open ports Perkhung MITM attacks (man in the middle) Allows to add hosts outside the local network Integrated traceroute & Metasploit framework 

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5. FaceNiff - Best Hacking Application For Android

FaceNiff is the best hacking app for Android users looking lớn sniff around social truyền thông. The hacking tool uses cookies from a WiFi network lớn intercept web sessions & get unauthorized access khổng lồ people’s accounts.

This allows them lớn easily control user sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., và customize the targeted Android phone to lớn hack their calls and social sites. The only catch with this powerful hacking tiện ích for Android is that hackers can only infiltrate when the WiFi is not using EAP..

Notable Features of FaceNiff app

Works with rooted devices Penetrate any device connected to the wi-fi network Can access WEP, WPA, & WPA2 Wi-Fi networks Can penetrate protected networks

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6. DroidBox - Best Hacking Application For Android

DroidBox can be used as both a device hacking phầm mềm & a game hacking app for Android users. Ethical hackers can use this hacking tool for Android to lớn generate hashes for the analyzed device, intercept incoming/outgoing network data on the infected device, read files & write operations, and leak information via the network tệp tin.

The hacking tool also throws in added benefits such as permission khổng lồ circumvention, launching cryptographic operations that are performed using Android API, listing broadcast receivers, sending SMS, and making phone calls.

Notable Features of DroidBox App

Allows the user to lớn access all details of a target device Give access to target’s tiện ích codes Hachồng phone calls và text messages Haông xã networks traffic

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7. Hackode - Best Hacking Application For Android

Hackode is one of the top hacking apps for android developed especially for penetration testers, IT administrators, ethical hackers, & cybersecurity professionals. It offers information-gathering tools and Google hacking tools that can be used to lớn find vulnerable sites. It offers scanning tools lượt thích Ping, Mx Record, etc. for targets shows the lathử nghiệm security feeds

This is one of the good hacking apps which excels in collecting data. It allows searching for information on IPs và domain name names và includes technical information such as DNS used for services, liên hệ information, và status info such as hệ thống site & site status.

Notable Features of Hackode App

Offer information hacking tools lượt thích PhpMyAdmin, PhpConfig, và Squốc lộ Injection Allows khổng lồ lookup information in tên miền names & IPs Offers tools for scanning target devices like ping, traceroute, DNS Dig, etc. Shows the lathử nghiệm security news

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8. Kali Linux NetHunter - Best Hacking Application For Android

When it comes to entering testing platforms for Linux devices, Kali Linux NetHunter is one of the top choices aước ao hackers. Ranked top 10 best hacking apps for game android made for penetrating Linux devices, it supports Wireless 802.11 frame injection, Teensy like attacks, và bad USB “man in the middle '' attacks.

Among muốn one of the best hacking apps, it comes with an easy installation guide và runs on Nexus 5-10 and OnePus One devices. 

Notable Features of Kali Linux NetHunter App

Offers AP mode tư vấn & multiple supported USB wifi cards Performs USB HID Keyboard attacks Supports BadUSD MITM attacks USB Y-cable support with device charging ability

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9. Network Mapper - Best di động hacking ứng dụng for Android

Network Mapper is one of the top mobile hacking apps, which is among the top choices of traffic sniffers, security experts, and hackers. It is an unofficial yet effective sầu frontend for the infamous Nmap Scanner. It will discover protocols, open ports, hosts, services configuration, và vulnerabilities on the network. It works best with Android architectures like arm, MIPS & x86.

Notable Features of Network Mapper App

Frontend for Nmap scanner. Will help you download, install, và use the Nbản đồ scanner. Discover hosts, open ports, services, configurations, and vulnerabilities. Nmap binary values are mặc định transferred using HTTPS. 

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10. DroidSheep - Best Hacking Application For Android

One of the top Android hacking apps, DroidSheep is a Wifi haông xã tool that can be used lớn spy on social networks such as Instagram and Facebook. It is designed lớn examine and secure various networks và find weak liên kết in the system. It can also be used khổng lồ haông xã wifi networks và various social messengers. It works only on rooted Android phones and Libpcap is a must for its functionality.

One of the top di động hacking apps for Android, DroidSheep plays two roles. One as a security network examiner & others as an effective tool for hacking networks. 

Notable Features of DroidSheep

Monitor social truyền thông activity Cheông chồng various security networks Finds out weak links in the system Hack wifi messengers và various social truyền thông media messages Works only with rooted devices

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11. Nmaps - Best Hacking Application for Android

Nmaps is an effective network scanning tool offering application hacks that can detect operating systems, open ports, and services by scanning the system. By listing the IP address of all the computers in the network, it can allow the user to bởi multiple custom scans. It is aý muốn the best không lấy phí hacking apps with open source & can be used for network discovery and security audition. 

It won the “Security Product of the Year” award by Linux Journal và is considered as a flexible, powerful, portable, easy, well documented & support tool for security professionals.

Notable Features of Nmap of App

Detect operating system, open ports, and services of target devices Allows multiple custom scans Network discovery and security audition Open-source

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Best Hacking Apps for iOS Devices

You need to lớn jailbreak your phone lớn use these iOS hacking apps. Once you vì that, the option lớn download the Cydia app installer often pops up.


1. mSpy - Best Hacking Application For iOS

If you are concerned about the safety và location of your children, mSpy is one of the best iPhone hacking apps to lớn haông xã your child’s điện thoại thông minh smartly. It gives you calls, text messages, GPS tracking features khổng lồ track your kid’s điện thoại thông minh activities in real-time. This is one of the top hacking apps that lets you traông chồng the GPS location of the device, & sends your report without letting them know. This tiện ích runs in the background and completely hides itself so that they won’t be knowing, you’re spying on them.

If you wish lớn know more about this ứng dụng, you can read the full Đánh Giá of mSpy app here.

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Notable Features of mSpy App

Trachồng your child’s social activities on WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, and other messaging apps Trace calls, text messages, GPS tracking, và 25 more features. Fully compatible with iOS 7 - 13.7. Quiông chồng installation, user-friendly interface. 24/7 multi-lingual tư vấn. Get access lớn the phone’s gallery - view stored photos, & videos.

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2. iRET - Best Hacking Application For iOS

One of the best hacking apps for iOS devices, the iOS Reverse Engineering Toolkit, popularly known as iRET, is one of the best hacking tools for iOS for ethical hackers learning reverse engineering. The only catch is that you must be connected lớn a wireless network.

The ethical hacking application can be used to analyze keychain contents, including passwords, keys, certificates, etc. for any sensitive sầu information.

Speaking in developer language, iRET offers binary analysis using O tool, keychain analysis using keychain_dumper, working, Binary decryption using dump decrypted và database reading using SQLite. Besides these functions, the hacking tool also lets you create, edit, and install the tweaks.

Notable Features of iRET App

Works with all kinds of wireless networks Can be used to lớn analyze keychains, passwords, keys, và certificates Offers binary analysis và keychain analysis  Create, edit và install the tweaks

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3. xSellize trò chơi Hack - Best Hacking Application For iOS

Anyone who’s a gaming nerd knows the struggle of breaking the ngân hàng khổng lồ play paid games. The xSellize Game Haông chồng solves that problem by letting hackers tải về paid games for không tính tiền.

With thousands of games lượt thích Game Boy, Nintenvì, SEGA, and much more, this good hacking ứng dụng for iOS is essentially the nemesis of every application for paid games that’s ever seen some popularity.

And if that wasn’t enough, these good hacking apps for iOS also offer functions such as anti-anti-method swizzling, haông xã app data, instance tracking, easy lớn use soft breakpoints, và automatic detection of vulnerable function calls.

Notable Features of xSellize trò chơi Hachồng App

Download paid games for không tính tiền Offers anti-method swizzling Haông chồng ứng dụng data và traông xã the target devices Use soft breakpoints và automatic detection

Download this best hacking application for iOS

4. iWep Pro - Best Hacking Application For iOS

With version 2.0 soon to lớn be released, iWep Pro is one of the must-have sầu hacking tools for hackers learning reverse engineering and dynamic analysis of iOS applications.

The iOS hacking phầm mềm has an easy to use web GUI and can be used in various programming functions such as Cycript integration, class dumps, automatic jailbreak-detection bypasses, automatic SSL certificate pinning bypasses, re-implemented objc_msgSkết thúc for logging và tracing function calls in real-time.

Notable Features of iWep Pro App

Offers reverse engineering & dynamic analysis of applications Can be used in Cycript integration,  Supports class-dump & automatic jailbreak-detection bypasses Reimplement objc_msgSkết thúc for tracing calls

Download this best hacking application for iOS

5. Myriam iOS Security App - Best Hacking Application For iOS

Myriam iOS Security App was developed by security researcher & GitHub user GeoSn0w who wanted lớn create a learning platform for techies to lớn become the next big iOS hackers. As a result, this iOS hacking tool is the perfect place to lớn start for any newbie iOS hacker khổng lồ develop their skills.

Some of the hacking challenges a.k.a. Device vulnerabilities that newbie hackers can exploit with this di động hacking ứng dụng include Authentication, In-App Data modification, App Activation Bypass, Jailbreak Detection, In-App Resources, and variable Modification.

Notable Features of Myriam iOS Security App

Best learning program for iOS hackers Perfect place lớn develop iOS hacking skills Includes various device vulnerabilities Offers Jailbreak detection và various modifications

Download this best hacking application for iOS

6. Paraben D.S. - Best Hacking Application For iOS

Paraben D.S. is a legal thiết bị di động forensics app in a single license that’s used by many organizations. Paraben provides all the retìm kiếm in-house that goes into the tư vấn of the variety of device profiles in the E3 Forensic Platform. But it’s the ability to remotely mimic any targeted gadget turned inlớn one of the most popular hacking apps for iOS. It also offers logical imaging, physical imaging, chip dumps, bypass options, cloud, và App processing.

The iPhone forensics program helps you with logical imaging, decrypt iOS backups with GPU acceleration, decrypt iCloud Keychain, and messages with media files and documents from iCloud. You can even use this iPhone hacking tool to acquire data from Microsoft accounts và download iCloud backups, hack app data, & sync data with or without an Apple ID password.

Notable Features of Paraben D.S. App

Mass migration to lớn the cloud iOS Forensic solutions under one license Recovers Apple Keychain Data File system & jailbreak support

Download this best hacking application for iOS

7. Cocospy - Best Hacking Application for iOS

Cocospy is one of the good hacking apps for iOS used by many security professionals & ethical hackers. It allows you khổng lồ monitor the targets directly from your iOS browser. It is perfect for scanning và observing messages & other social truyền thông media activities. It can also be used for checking the location of the targets & sklặng through their contacts & call logs. 

One of the best hacking apps, Cocospy features a stealth mode which makes it impervious from getting detected. It can be used on any iOS device without any rooting requirement. 

Notable Features of Cocospy App

Monitor target from browser Scan và monitor social media và messengers Cheông xã the target’s location  Offers stealth mode

Download this best hacking application for iOS

8. HelloSpy - Best hacking Application for iOS

HelloSpy is an iOS application that can be used lớn monitor the online activity of any device remotely. It can be used khổng lồ monitor social truyền thông apps, chats, allows you khổng lồ see photos và videos of the target, monitoring điện thoại tư vấn logs, and tracking GPS location. It is a great tool for parents who want to keep an eye on their children’s online activity or for business owners who want khổng lồ avoid any data leak from their system. 

Best phone hacking ứng dụng for monitoring devices, it boasts high ratings in many app stores và doesn’t need special skills or training khổng lồ be used..

Notable Features of HelloSpy App

Monitor online activities Monitor social truyền thông, chats, photos, và videos of the target Get access to Gọi logs và GPS location Stops data leak from the system

Download this best hacking application for iOS

9. PhoneSpector - Best hacking ứng dụng for iOS

PhoneSpector is one of the best hacking apps for the iPhone. It is widely used by security personnel và ethical hackers khổng lồ monitor the online activities of any target device. It is also used to lớn monitor calls, text messages, social truyền thông feeds, và audiovisual content in the target device. Its operations are fairly basic và don’t need any specialized education or training lớn be used.

Among the best hacking apps for iOS, PhoneSpector is perfect for those who vì chưng not have sầu much knowledge about phone technology and are looking for an easy & fast way to monitor any device. 

Notable Feature of PhoneSpector App

Monitor online activity of any target device Monitor calls, text messages, and social truyền thông media feel Get access to the audio-visual nội dung of the target device Easy and fast lớn operate

Download this best hacking application for iOS

10. Spybubble - Best hacking phầm mềm for iOS

One of the best hacking apps for iOS, Spybubble is an amazing ứng dụng for tracking SMS, Social truyền thông applications, GPS etc. It is fully compatible with iOS & is 100% detection proof. No need to jailbreak your device or root it. It can be used lớn monitor activities on any device remotely without leaving any digital footprint. 

Best phone hacking app for iPhone, Spybubble takes less than 5 minutes lớn mix up & can traông xã devices in a few easy steps.

Notable Features of Spybubble App

Traông xã text messages and social media  Completely detection proof No jailbreak or rooted devices need  Monitor activities on any device remotely

Download this best hacking application for iOS

11. Highster Mobile - Best hacking phầm mềm for iOS

Highster sản phẩm điện thoại is one of the best hacking apps for iPhone & other Apple devices. It is the best Mobile hacking app for recovering sent, received, và even deleted messages which you lost due khổng lồ any reason. It can also track incoming & outgoing calls of iPhones & also detects GPS routes with 100% precision. The best phone hacking ứng dụng for iPhone, it is fully undetectable and requires no jailbreak to be used in any iPhone và iPad.

Highster mobile is fully compatible with all Apple devices và is the perfect tool lớn monitor those devices. It takes 5 minutes khổng lồ mix up without the need for jailbreak. 

Notable Features of Highster sản phẩm điện thoại App

Detect và monitor sent, received, và deleted messages Traông chồng incoming and outgoing calls Detects GPS routes Recover data from lost or broken iPads và iPhones. Fully undetectable và requires no jailbreak

Download this best hacking application for iOS

Most of the không tính phí best hacking apps for iPhone mentioned in the các mục require you to jailbreak your iPhone, ipad tablet, or iPod Touch. It’s important khổng lồ note that the hacking tools are lớn be seen as a gateway khổng lồ privacy violations but an opportunity for ethical hackers to scan their businesses for network vulnerabilities. As for tinkering with your Android phone, instead of using these hacking apps, you can use Android hacking tips and tricks popular in 2021.

We hope you found this list informative và discovered a suitable app for your use. If you are an ứng dụng owner and want to get your phầm mềm reviewed by us, get in touch.

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