Top 14 Hack & Slash Games Of This Generation, According To Metacritic

Top 14 Hachồng và Slash Games Of This Generation, According To Metacritic As the years have gone by, the hack-and-slash genre has gone through changes, but no one can deny the chất lượng of Metacritic"s top-rated games.

Since the inception of gaming, all of its genres have sầu evolved and even taken on sub-genres. From RPGs khổng lồ Action/Adventure & First-Person Shooters, there"s a genre out there for every người. One such popular option is the Haông xã & Slash style of games. What started with the original God Of War title & games like Drakengard have evolved. Over the years, it has become a blkết thúc of new gameplay mechanics and other genres.

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The Hachồng and Slash games of this generation have tried to lớn give sầu players what they love sầu about the genre and add a lot of new toppings to lớn make it a unique experience. Sadly, the frequency of Hachồng and Slash games has significantly reduced with newer generations. This could be due to lớn the growing taste for realism in video games. Despite that, some of the best Haông chồng và Slash games ever made still hold up by today"s standards. Here are the best options according to lớn Metacritic.

Updated by Juliet Childers on December 10th, 2020: Sometimes, players just want to turn off their brains & stomp some trash mobs. Though "haông xã và slash" titles can involve holding down the right mouse button as a wizard in Diablo III forever, they usually involve swords. However, the genre has adapted over the years to lớn become more inclusive of other elements such as RPG và Roguelike traits. One of the newest heavy hitters in the genre is Supergiant Games" indie gem Hades. But how does its Metascore stachồng up against those of God Of War and Devil May Cry?

14 Darksiders: Warmastered Edition - 81

Darksiders: Warmastered Edition was released in late năm nhâm thìn & is a remaster for the first Darksiders from 2010. What makes it one of the best Haông chồng và Slash games on the current-ren consoles, is its traditionalism. Darksiders is what anyone would Điện thoại tư vấn a classic Haông chồng & Slash.

It packs itself with the features that have defined the genre for a long time: straight-forward combat, puzzle-solving, boss battles, & lots, & lots of combo mechanics. Darksiders is an experience that is closest khổng lồ the roots of the genre.

13 Middle-Earth: Shadow Of Mordor - 84

Released in 2014, this was one of the first Fantasy Action Hachồng and Slash games of the generation. What makes Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor, a chất lượng game is the fact that it takes inspiration from a lot of other video clip games. It takes inspiration from games such as Assassin"s Creed, Batman Arksi, và Prince of Persia.

This game also has features such as combo-based combat và a heavy emphasis on counter-attacks & executions. Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor is famous for its Nemesis System và is worth playing for the sheer fun of it.

12 DmC: Devil May Cry Definitive Edition - 83 - 86

A lot of people disapproved of the idea of a new look for Dante in the DmC: Devil May Cry. But despite that, this game proved to be an enjoyable Haông chồng và Slash of its time. In 2015, a remastered version for this game came out called DmC: Devil May Cry Definitive sầu Edition.

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It"s the same game with added features & content, such as better textures, frame-rate, resolution, và extras. The Definitive Edition is one of the best games for the genre on PS4 and Xbox One.

11 Astral Chain - 87

Astral Chain debuted for the Nintenvày Switch in 2019 from developer PlatinumGames. The setting is a dystopian Earth future where the police must protect citizens from interdimensional monsters invading the planet. But the two characters have the quality ability of "chaining" their creatures to use in battle.

The game features cyberpunk themes and grade A Hack và Slash combat. Fans agree that the Astral Chain offers a great soundtrachồng, engaging visuals, fun mechanics, and a solid story. It maintains a Metascore of 87 và the studio recently teased a sequel.

10 Hellblade: Senua"s Sacrifice - 88

Hellblade was the first major release by Ninja Theory since Dmc: Devil May Cry, which makes it the most significant title from the studio yet. The unusual nature of this hachồng and slash has been the topic of discussion aý muốn countless players. Hellblade builds immersion by minimizing UI elements & focusing on the sounds và instincts of players.

The game has won over 25 awards worldwide, and a sequel titled Senua"s Saga: Hellblade II is in the works as well. This game is a quality experience through & through & is a must-play.

9 Torchlight II - 88

In the spirit of Diablo, the Torchlight series thrusts the player character into a grand narrative sầu. It involves ancient gods, alchemists, & all kinds of sweet, sweet loot with a Metascore of 88.

While the game does not have the traditional mechanics of a Hachồng and Slash title, gameplay feels easy & fun. There are also dozens of combinations for classes, abilities, & armor/weapon builds.

8 NieR: Automata - 88

Nier: Automata is an action-RPG with Hack and Slash combat. It belongs khổng lồ the mix of games that are genuinely very innovative for their time. The game has an aggregate 88/100 score on Metacritic and is one of the games where the user rating is above sầu the critic score. The game is very artistic in its visual style, & all the boss battles are a cherry on the top.

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What makes this game worth playing is its environmental uniqueness và genre-defying gameplay elements. Another selling point of the game is that it is created by PlatinumGames whose games occupy several entries on this list.

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7 Devil May Cry 5 - 88

Devil May Cry 5 is the sixth game in the series and is a true sequel to Devil May Cry 4. The game is very underrated compared to lớn what it brings to lớn the table. It is easily the best Hachồng và Slash game on the entire danh mục, & the reason is not just it"s the gameplay. This game is a love sầu letter to the fans of the series.

Moreover, it has innovated the genre without going into lớn any different direction. Devil May Cry 5 is a real example of what people can expect from the next-generation of Haông chồng và Slash games. It may also settle the Vergil vs. Dante debate for some people.

6 Bastion - 89

This is the first game that put Supergiant Games on the maps as a studio. Though initially released in 2011, the game saw a resurgence in 2015 with more players diving into its story. Players control "The Kid" as he traverses areas filled with enemies in an isometric view.

The vibrant backgrounds và stunning soundtrack vì chưng a great khuyễn mãi giảm giá of heavy lifting in terms of thiết kế. With a score of 89 on Metacritic, Bastion is a no-brainer for anyone interested in Haông xã and Slash games.

5 Bayonetta - 90

Bayonetta is the best Haông xã and Slash on Wii U, without a doubt. But does it hold the same value on other platforms as well? Easily it does. The game is a traditional Hachồng & Slash created by the developer PlatinumGames. It has a great sequel, which is also a must-play game.

The reason Bayonetta works so well is its over-the-top nature matches the whole point of what a Hachồng và Slash game is supposed khổng lồ be. On the current-gen consoles, Bayonetta feels blazingly fast and smoother than before.

4 Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - 90

Created by FromSoftware, Sekiro is a blover of action-RPG combined with Haông chồng and Slash mechanics. The game has won many awards, on top of being the game of the year. It is a Metacritic must-play title. FromSoftware has created Ninja Blade, which is an underrated Haông xã and Slash of the last generation.

With Sekiro, they have blended the amazing role-play elements from Souls games into lớn a Hachồng và Slash. Sekiro is a masterpiece & one of the best games on the consoles khổng lồ date. This game deserves khổng lồ be played by every người of the genre.

3 Bayonetta 2 - 92

Bayonetta 2 is a Metacritic must-play title. With an aggregate 92/100 score for the Nintenvày Switch, it is one of the highest-rated Hack và Slash games ever made. The game is a classic in its approach and adds a ton of new concepts inlớn the gameplay. It is fast, full of combos, và extremely balanced.

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Being a sequel, it makes a lot of fresh new additions to the original Bayonetta"s formula. The combat in the game is very fluid, và the over the top nature of this game works in its favor. The only minus is that it is exclusively available on Nintenvì Switch và Wii U. Perhaps the in-development Bayonetta 3 will explore other platforms when it launches.

2 Hades - 92

Supergiant Games scores another title on this các mục with its most recent release called Hades. It combines all the best parts of the studio"s previous titles và puts it in a Greek mythology setting. The player controls Zagreus as he runs into lớn various members of Greek mythology and history.

He"s the son of Hades & he wants khổng lồ escape the Underworld. Like Bastion, the game has an isometric view with challenging Roguelike combat. Despite its impressive sầu score of 92 on Metacritic, another Hachồng and Slash game takes the top spot on this list.

1 God Of War - 94

God Of War has received every praise in the book. It"s the PlayStation game of the year. It is polished and built to perfection. It"s simple, fun, & straightforward. It shines the most in its sound and storytelling department, which is coated with fantastic combat & gameplay mechanics.

It is one of the must-play games on PlayStation 4. If players don"t want to lớn buy a PS4, they can at least cosplay Kratos in Fortnite.

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