Looking for an alternative sầu to Diablo RPG? Then this menu of the BEST Hack và Slash aRPG Games is where you want khổng lồ be. I played the original Diablo as a kid, & much like everyone at the time, I completely fell in love sầu with it, as well as the new haông xã & slash, top down action RPG genre, that Blizzard created, which is now the precedence.

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Naturally, I continued to lớn play Diablo II and Diablo III as well, but its been a long time since a new release of the series, with Diablo IV still a while away from release. So, in order to satisfy my need for more aRPG Hack and Slash fun, I did a deep dive into lớn making this list of the best games like Diablo khổng lồ play on PC.

I was pleasantly surprised lớn say the least! Diablo IV is certainly going to lớn have sầu some svào competition on its hands when it is released.

Let’s take a look!

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Best Haông chồng n Slash Games 2020

Best Hachồng n Slash Games 2019 và Older


Iron Danger Gameplay - Time Manipulation aRPG - Part 01 : Prologue Tutorial <4K 60p>


Iron Danger chơi Game - Time Manipulation aRPG - Part 02 : Hidden Path <4K 60p>


Iron Danger game Play - Time Manipulation aRPG - Part 03 : Dreaming of Fire <4K 60p>


Iron Danger is unlike any game you’ve really played before, especially in the aRPG genre. I was in two minds about putting it in this menu, as its definitely the slowest paced game of the lot, falling more towards a turn based game. But at the same time it also has some hachồng & slash elements to it, so thought, why not as its a really good game.

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Iron Danger is a tactical combat game that sports a very chất lượng time manipulation mechanic, allowing you to reverse time and rethink your strategy upon death, lớn change your fate và come out alive instead of dead. While this might sound lượt thích a “I’ve seen this before” mechanic, you really haven’t until your played this game for yourself. If you don’t take note of your actions properly, you will die very quickly, as its very unforgiving if you are going in to lớn mash your mouse button like the other games here.

This brings an exciting and technical combination of tactical turn-based strategies và action of real-time games.

You will have sầu khổng lồ really relearn everything you know about hachồng và slash games when you play Iron Danger, and you might get frustrated in the begging as I did at first, dying time after time. To avoid this, my advice is khổng lồ properly read the very well designed tutorial explanations, as once you learn how khổng lồ bloông xã & use the timeline mechanic, things not only get easier, as well as fun, which is what the developers indented it khổng lồ be.

The graphics of Iron Danger are gorgeous, being very similar to lớn Torchlight, coupled with high over voice acting for the dialogue, helping you get cemented in the story very quickly. Iron Danger is a great game và highly recommkết thúc checking it out.

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