Asura's return

Looking for any specific guide to lớn Asura 4-mans và the effective sầu ways khổng lồ clear it 


Thanks in advance 




This guide is a pretty good place to lớn start, it covers most of the bosses" attaông chồng patterns. Aside from that, specifically for 4-man, some things that are helpful lớn know:


General Notes:

- You could get away with 115% accuracy in the 6-man version since there are extra people to cover you if you miss your CC. However, in 4-man there are far fewer people lớn cover you. Consider bringing a higher % accuracy (120% is apparently what you need to ensure you hit).

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- As a sin, I feel somewhat obligated to lớn say this on behalf of my other fellow sins - For the room right after the 1st trùm and before iruga, a sin can stealth you past all of the mobs so that you only have sầu to lớn kill the shield-bearers. Consider asking the sin in your buổi tiệc ngọt, if there is one, whether or not he knows how to lớn bởi vì this because I often see people die trying to kill all of the mobs, & skipping past them is usually easier.


Gen & Ken - 1st Boss


- You can complete this boss in the method that is stated in the guide (kd at 3 buff stacks/stun or daze after they leap và grab tanks). Some people also lượt thích khổng lồ kd at 3 buff stacks và then have sầu the tanks iframe the grab, so that they jump baông xã khổng lồ their respective sầu sides after throwing some poison.

- You can also start with everybody toàn thân on one side and lure both bosses to the same side, và kill them that way. I"m not entirely sure on the specifics of this method, or how you keep yourself from dying if they both get khổng lồ 4 stacks, so I"ll let someone else explain it in more detail, but just know that"s a thing. I will say that I don"t recommkết thúc it for a buổi tiệc nhỏ largely comprised of melee, since it gets a little hard to lớn dodge all the poison being thrown.

- For tanking these two, most of their attacks only affect people in front of them. So, try lớn stay behind them all of the time. The two move sầu that doesn"t follow this rule I think is 1) a circular aoe, but it has a very big wind up & you will see them spin with their arms out at their sides before they vày this, giving you time khổng lồ backstep/run away. và 2) the aoe skill where they staông chồng 1 buff, but that won"t kill you. You should still try lớn iframe it so that your movespd is not lowered.

- If you have sầu a ranged person tanking them, that person must stay cthua thảm lớn them or they will start throwing poison instead of doing their melee rotation, something that isn"t pleasant for anyone.

- If you are doing the 2/2 split method listed in the guide, I recommend having the tank stay close lớn the boss after the buff aoe và having the non-tank person hug the wall & continuously move. This is because they throw 2 poisons right after the buff aoe at the -farthest- person from them. You don"t want your tanker lớn khuyến mãi with that, so have the other person place themselves farther away và dodge them.


Iruga - 2nd monster.


- Pretty much the same as the guide says, just make sure everyone in your các buổi tiệc nhỏ knows their cc. It is a bad idea khổng lồ make your tanker have khổng lồ cc an add. However, if you kết thúc up with 3 green or 3 xanh and not everyone has kd/stun, you can end up in a mess. One good way of countering this is WL"s soulburn to refresh cooldowns, or just stocking up on classes with multiple kd"s/stuns.

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- Most of his attacks are frontal aoes so everyone should try their best to stay behind hyên at all times.


Volcano và Glacier - 3rd trùm cuối.


- Warning - This is actually the trùm that I see people wipe the 2nd most at (the one they wipe most at is gen và ken). This is because these two are a cakewalk in the 6-man version, & people highly underestimate their 4-man reincarnations.

- The 4th minitrùm that you face in the arena has a chance of being a woman that brings a bunch of terracotta soldiers. If you get this miniboss, kill her quickly. If the fight drags on, usually some people die and you don"t want to lớn waste time ressing them when Volc & Glacier will be spawning right after.

- When either of these two are in the air, they target feather projectiles at the CLOSEST person. It is best to lớn have one person stay cđại bại and lure volc"s feather projectiles around, and have the rest of the group lure Glacier far away from Volc as possible. Range protection skills (divine veil, smokescreen, etc.) will protect you from feathers, but the fire aoe from volc"s feathers stays there for quite a while và is a hassle to lớn walk around/predict where it will l& if you all are zerging glacier. Stepping on this fire will probably take a good chunk of your hp, and if you stvà there for longer than a second, you"re dead.

- Party members must all watch their positioning if Glacier is not lured away from Volc, since feathers will target the closest person. You can still complete this trùm without designating a person to lure Volc"s feathers, but everyone must stay alert (which I find usually doesn"t happen).

- Volc"s fire aoe when he is on the ground is basically a one-shot. There"s not much warning for it, other than that he"ll stay on the ground và flap his wings và hop a bit. If you see him do that, iframe/backstep immediately.


Asura - 4th quái dị.


- Ironically one of the easiest. Almost no change from his 6-man version in how you approach hyên. Much lượt thích Gen và Ken, most of his attacks are frontal aoes, so stay behind hlặng. If you get his by his circular aoe, it won"t kill you, but try to watch out for it. Make sure the group prioritizes those lifeblooms as you have sầu fewer bodies lớn take care of them in 4-man, & people often miss the ones behind them as they rush lớn get the ones in front. If you have 2 classes that have sầu range protect, it may be helpful khổng lồ have sầu one save his in case asura tries doing a fire phase right after an ice phase, since the cooldown is too long lớn let you protect from this. How I typically vày it is my FM friend uses veil whenever he has it off cooldown, và I (a sin) save smokescreen for fire phases when his veil is still on cooldown.


edit: correction about volc feathers

Edited May 8, năm nhâm thìn by CeraluneCorrecting misconception about volc's feathers
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