How To Improve My Ping For Bns?

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Blade & soul is one of the popular games out there right now & the game has an interesting take on the Korean martial-arts MMORPG genre and gives users a chất lượng & innovative experience in the massively multiplayer online role playing game genre. Since the game is an online one, there are a lot of problems out there related to Blade and Soul Lag và we have covered different problems related to Blade và Soul Lag in detail. However, this article focuses on something different.

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Are You Searching For Ways To Check Ping In Blade And Soul?

One of the most comtháng questions from the users out there related to Blade và Soul is how lớn check ping in Blade And Soul. There have been many users who have sầu been searching for a way khổng lồ kiểm tra ping in Blade and Soul because of the fact that there are no reliable ping measurement tools out there và when it comes lớn how lớn kiểm tra ping in Blade & Soul, there are not many ways available to users. Thankfully, we have sầu come up with a few ways out of this và we have found some ways on how to kiểm tra ping in Blade and Soul và since there is no built in ping counter in Blade và Soul, these other options should be able to help you kiểm tra ping in Blade & Soul.

How To Cheông chồng Ping In Blade And Soul

There are a few ways that you can follow when looking for ways on how khổng lồ kiểm tra ping in Blade and Soul. There is one way that is built in to lớn the Windows API but it is a bit tricky to lớn find. In order lớn use this method of How to lớn Chechồng Ping in Blade và Soul, simply fire up the Windows Task manager by right clicking anywhere on the Task bar and selecting Start Task Manager.


Once the task manager is open, select the performance tab và select Resource Monitor at the bottom of the window. In the resource monitor window, select the Network tab where you are going to lớn be presented with a các mục of applications that are currently utilizing your network connection.

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There, find the executable for your game, which should be Client.exe for Blade và Soul & once you select the checkbox lớn the left of the executable tệp tin, there should be a list of connections made by the application available in the bottom section of the screen with the latency for the connection displayed on the right side of the window. You can kiểm tra out the screenshots posted for more detailed instructions.


If this is too tricky or cumbersome for you when you are searching for how to lớn kiểm tra Ping in Blade và Soul or if this is not displaying the correct latency values for some reason, you can also use third tiệc nhỏ programs to monitor your network usage và latency as well. There are a lot of commercial và không lấy phí programs available out there which can help you in How khổng lồ kiểm tra Ping in Blade và Soul.


One of the best solutions ahy vọng all of the commercially available options is Kill Ping . If you are using Kill Ping while playing Blade và Soul, the program is going lớn display your current ping in the main window & will also help you reduce your ping khổng lồ the game server using our effective sầu routing và sever relaying. What is more is that Kill Ping also helps you connect khổng lồ the closest game thủ hệ thống near your location and this is also going to help you reduce your ping to lớn the lowest possible value. Chechồng out our features page for more details on what Kill Ping has lớn offer.