NameTank Stars
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Tank Stars allow players to lớn own tanks & powerful weapons. Playgendary battle created for players khổng lồ control tanks khổng lồ attachồng opponents with explosive style. All you need khổng lồ do is move sầu the tank into lớn the right position & find the firing angle. Tank Stars is the place where the storm of bullets burst into lớn the earth. The characteristic of the tank is its great destructive power. Therefore, you should take advantage of each turn lớn attack the most effective. Download Tank Stars MOD not only solo combat, but players also have sầu the opportunity lớn participate in the collective battle again. Use your skills and teammates lớn shoot down enemy tanks as quickly as possible.

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1 Download Tank Stars MOD – fierce battle of tanks

Tank Stars allows you khổng lồ think freely in every shot. But should limit errors, if you miss the slide will easily create opportunities for the opponent khổng lồ dominate. From the previous shots, find the right coordinates khổng lồ attaông chồng the opponent causing the greachạy thử damage. There is no mid-cấp độ help in Tank Stars. Tanks, weapons, you have sầu khổng lồ prepare in advance. When the battle begins, you need lớn be confident to find the most reasonable fighting plan.


Download Tank Stars MOD – fierce battle of tanks

With epic graphics effects, Tank Stars has made a difference compared to lớn other entertainment games today. The destruction matches are portrayed very faithfully based on the excellent image chất lượng. The player cannot find safety in Tank Stars. The only way lớn survive sầu is to force your opponent khổng lồ defeat or they will vì chưng the same khổng lồ you. The battle here is not for the faint of heart, you have sầu khổng lồ be assertive enough khổng lồ face the bombs. Ball Blast with a softer play but in return, you need lớn hurry khổng lồ not get crushed.

4 main game modes

You can choose 4 main game modes in Tank Stars. VS Computer, 4/5 Battle, 4/10 Battle, and Tournaments (3 levels easy, medium, hard). As a new player, VS Computer is the easiest mode to play. Immediately after the cấp độ played by the system, you can grasp how lớn play quickly. The cấp độ of the opponent will increase gradually at the next màn chơi, vày not rush lớn evaluate Tank Stars when playing the first few games.

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Impressive sầu tank system

There are many tanks for you khổng lồ choose from. With different powers, shapes, and colors, each fighting machine has charisma in each battle. Abrams, Frost, Buratino, Coalition, Helios, Tiger, or Pinky are all good tanks. Those are just a few examples for you about the tank models included in this game. Tank Stars also has special vehicles for Diamond Membership such as Blazer. You will be extremely confident when using it before the opponent.

Upgrade tanks

Another thing worth mentioning is that the structure of the tanks in the game Tank Stars is completely different. Therefore, when upgrading, you will find that the parts are not the same at all. For Abrams, the parts that need to lớn be upgraded include Vertical Slam, Splitter Chain, Big One, Air Strike, Shotgun, và Volley. But if the tank is a Specter, the category is Railgun, Lightning Ball, Tesia Zone. Have sầu you seen every tank has its own quality characteristics? Use them to suit your battle.

Chests and Cards

There are 4 types of Chests: Free, Heroic, Epic, & Legendary. You can open them with the number of Gems you have. Of course, if you install Tank Stars MOD, you open the chest until your h& is tired. The number of Coins and Gems available is very large, actively opening chests to lớn receive sầu valuable items. In addition, Cards is also an vật phẩm for your new items, but here will be limited in time.


Tank Stars is the game for you to lớn be fought in the most brutal way. All-powerful weapons are equipped on the tank. Use an atomic bomb to lớn bury an opponent alive sầu if that is necessary. Download Tank Stars MOD, you fight decisively, vì chưng not give sầu the enemy a chance to counterattachồng.

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