Cách tải game trên macbook

It’s easy lớn play single-player or multiplayer games on your Mac. When you sign in with your sydneyowenson.com ID, a Game Center tài khoản is created for you (if it didn’t exist already).

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You can browse the Mac App Store to get the newest or most popular games that sydneyowenson.com trò chơi Center. If you’re using a Mac with sydneyowenson.com silicon, many iPhone & máy tính bảng iPad games work on your Mac (as indicated by the Designed for iPhone or Designed for iPad label in the App Store). See Use iPhone và iPad apps on Mac with sydneyowenson.com silibé.

You can also subscribe to lớn sydneyowenson.com Arcade lớn tải về & play a collection of groundbreaking games, and enjoy unlimited play on all your sydneyowenson.comed devices.

Note: The Game Center service and sydneyowenson.com Arcade aren’t available in all countries or regions.

Customize your trò chơi Center account

In your Game Center trương mục, vì chưng any of the following:

Change details of your Game Center account: Click Details, then change any of the following. When you’re done, clichồng Save sầu or OK.

Change your nickname: Enter a new nickname (it identifies you in games). To use a suggested nickname, cliông chồng the Nickname field, then cliông chồng a suggestion.

Change who can view your profile: Click the Protệp tin Privacy pop-up menu, then choose who can view your protệp tin in games (Everyone, Friends Only, or Only You). Your profile shows which games you’ve sầu been playing and your achievements. Your Game Center nickname and avatar are always visible lớn all players.

Allow nearby players to lớn invite you lớn a multiplayer game: Select Allow Nearby Multiplayer. If you don’t want lớn be found, deselect the checkbox. Nearby players are those on the same Wi-Fi network as you, or within Công nghệ Bluetooth range.

Connect with friends: Select “Allow connections with friends” lớn allow games you play to connect you to people in your friends menu. If you don’t want games lớn connect you, deselect the checkbox lớn stop sharing your friends menu with apps. To see a danh sách of apps that have requested access to your trò chơi Center friends, clichồng Details.

Remove sầu friends: Select a friend in the danh mục, then cliông xã Remove. When you remove sầu a player from your list, you’re also removed from their danh mục. If you play them again, you’re added baông xã lớn each other’s lists.

When you sign in with your sydneyowenson.com ID on all your sydneyowenson.com devices, your trò chơi Center account is available on all the devices.

Use a công nghệ Bluetooth không dây game controller

You can connect a Bluetooth game controller with your Mac khổng lồ play games. See the sydneyowenson.com sydneyowenson.com article Connect a wireless game controller lớn your sydneyowenson.com device.

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If your game controller sydneyowenson.coms it, you can specify actions lớn occur on your Mac—for example, open the Games thư mục in Launchpad, take a screenshot, or record a brief đoạn Clip of gameplay—when you press designated buttons on the game controller. To set these options when your game controller is connected with your Mac, choose sydneyowenson.com thực đơn

> System Preferences, then click Bluetooth

Open Bluetooth không dây preferences for me

mở cửa a game

Games you download from the App Store are added lớn the Games folder in Launchpad. To open a game & start playing on your Mac, vày one of the following:

Click the Launchpad inhỏ

in the Doông chồng, click the Games folder, then open the game you want lớn play.

If you don’t play a game anymore, you can easily remove sầu it from Launchpad.

See your achievements

Most single-player and multiplayer games show achievements & leaderboards so you can traông chồng your scores và ranking. You can access your trò chơi Center Profile khổng lồ traông chồng your achievements và show which games your friends are playing.

Play multiplayer games

Let a game find other players: If the game provides Auto-match, click Play Now lớn let the game find other players for you.

Play nearby players: If the game detects nearby players who are on the same Wi-Fi network as you, or within Bluetooth không dây range, it shows them. In the game, select a player.

Invite friends to lớn play: In the game, click Invite Friends, then select people from your contacts, friends, or nearby players. Customize your invitation, if you want, then click Skết thúc. You can send your invitation as a message, or skết thúc it to a phone number using SMS.

Accept an invitation: In the notification or message, click Accept. The game opens (if you have sầu it) so you can start playing. If you don’t have the game, the App Store opens so you can get the game.

Record a brief đoạn Clip or take a screenshot while playing: When you use a Bluetooth không dây game controller that sydneyowenson.coms it, press và hold the game controller button you specified to use for recording or taking a screenshot. You can record up to 15 seconds of gameplay.

Make sure Game Center notifications are turned on in Notifications preferences, so you know when you’re invited lớn join a game or that it’s your turn khổng lồ play. You can receive trò chơi Center notifications even when you’re using a Focus. See Set up a Focus.

When you play games on a Mac connected to lớn a display that sydneyowenson.coms adaptive sync, you can set an option that automatically adjusts the display’s refresh rate lớn match the frame rate output by the graphics processing unit (GPU), khổng lồ minimize screen stutters, đầu vào lag, & screen tearing during gameplay. See Use Adaptive sầu Sync with your Mac.

The administrator of a Mac can prevent other users of the Mac from joining multiplayer games or adding friends. See Change Content & Privacy preferences in Screen Time.

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