Despite a hot digital sales opening for hotline of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, tín đồ reactions to the game following its initial release have been mixed. What"s generally agreed upon is that a hectic development period for Treyarch và Raven Software led to a skimpy first version of the title that needs lớn be fleshed out soon.

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The Season 1 update khổng lồ the game will be a telling moment for how well concerns will be addressed over the next year. It"s still early enough for existing impressions to be smoothed over.

With a batch of new maps and weapons promised, as well as gameplay tweaks, it"s possible điện thoại tư vấn of Duty: Blaông xã Ops Cold War will feel much more complete by the end of the week. At least that"s what Activision will be hoping happens as it aims for a final flurry of purchases before the holidays arrive.

In addition khổng lồ multiplayer updates, the game will also become fully integrated with Warzone. Warzone will continue lớn run using the Modern Warfare gameplay engine, but it will soon include Cold War weapons and be available khổng lồ play straight from the Cold War main thực đơn.

Finally, there will be a rankings remix for Season 1 across platforms. Users will keep their weapon unloông xã progression and prestige but return to square one in terms of military cấp độ.

Here"s what to know about Season 1 for Điện thoại tư vấn of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

Season 1 Call of Duty: Blaông xã Ops Cold War release date

Date: Dec. 16, 2020Time: 2 a.m. ETSystems: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC

Season 1 for Gọi of Duty: Blaông xã Ops Cold War will be released in the middle of the night for users in the U.S. and in the morning for people in Europe, Africa và Asia. This follows the pattern of major update release times for the Modern Warfare title before it.

What time can you tải về the Season 1 update?

The Season 1 update will be available for tải về at 2 a.m. ET on Tuesday, Dec. 16. If you can figure out a middle-of-the-night tải về strategy to lớn enable you khổng lồ play right away upon waking up Tuesday, that"s probably the best move. As anyone who has played điện thoại tư vấn of Duty over the past year knows, these downloads can take a while.

Season 1 Blaông chồng Ops Cold War trailer

The Season 1 trailer, released last week, features visuals from both Điện thoại tư vấn of Duty: Blaông chồng Ops Cold War & Warzone.

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The tagline for Season 1 is "Prepare for payback."

What are the new Season 1 maps?

There are two new 6v6 maps coming to lớn Season 1 and four new 2v2 maps.

The Pines

As described by Activision:

Located in a neon-drenched New Jersey shopping center, The Pines is a medium-sized, multi-level bản đồ at 2900 Churman Drive sầu, just off the I-189. The date is January 21, 1984, and there’s little time to check out the latest tech at Radio House or drop a few quarters into the Pitfall! machine at the Galaxy Room: This is where Stitch và Adler get reacquainted. Cutting through the unique shops that populate the side lanes allows for quick, intense close-quarter battles and focused combat, while heading through the middle of the mall enables longer range assault rifle and sniper-focused duels.


Raid is a throwbaông chồng map from Blachồng Ops II set in Los Angeles. It"s widely loved for its phối of pretty aesthetics and balanced layout for a variety of multiplayer game modes.

ICBM (2v2)

 As described by Activision:

Engage your fellow contestants in a battle of wits and gunfire, with the emphasis on the gunfire. This studio setting features plenty of places khổng lồ engage a less cerebral khung of competition, from the contestant podium to the stepped stage & ‘80s camera equipment.

KGB (2v2)

As described by Activision:

Hammer victory home among mỏi the ostentatious trappings of the old USSR: Deep within the famous Lubyanka KGB building is an ornate hallway of imposing marble. Seek cover behind thichồng wooden desks and tall library bookcases và secure a Gunfight win for you and your comrade.

U-Bahn (2v2)

As described by Activision:

Which weapons are being introduced in Season 1?

There are two new weapons available at the start of Season 1. Others will be introduced over the duration of Season 1.

Mac 10 (SMG)

Unlocked for không tính tiền at Tier 15 of the Season 1 Battle Pass, the Mac 10 is a lightweight SMG with a high rate of fire. Just how bad the vertical recoil is will determine whether it is viable on multiplayer.

Groza (Assault Rifle)

The Russian-built assault rifle is billed as a strong all-around force. It will be unlocked for miễn phí at Tier 31 of the Season 1 Battle Pass.

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