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To use this plagiarism checker, please copy và paste your content in the box below, and then cliông chồng on the big xanh button that says “Check Plagiarism!” then sit baông chồng & watch as your article is scanned for duplicated nội dung.

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The plagiarism checker miễn phí utility offered on’ is second to none due to the advantages it provides to lớn its users. From students khổng lồ teachers, researchers, writers, publishers, and bloggers, everyone can gain the top benefits of’ plagiarism detector, which include the following:

Quick & Hassle-Free

The plagiarism checker online tool available on this platform is a super-fast utility that generates results within a matter of seconds. For using this plagiarism detector, the users won’t have sầu lớn follow any convoluted procedure. The user-friendly interface of this facility makes the process to kiểm tra plagiarism miễn phí from all kinds of intricacies.

Multi-Platsize Supportive

Our plagiarism detector is a web-based tool that can be accessed through any kind of device. You won’t have to install a plugin or software for checking duplication with this plagiarism checker online utility. Whether you have sầu an Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, or Mac device, you can easily access our online plagiarism remover and figure out the instances of plagiarism in a couple of clicks. All you need lớn kiểm tra plagiarism online on is to lớn connect your device with a stable mạng internet connection.

Free of Cost

There are no costs involved with the usage of’ duplicate nội dung checker. The users aren’t asked lớn pay a single penny for the consumption of this online plagiarism kiểm tra service. No matter how many pieces of text you need to lớn check for plagiarism, you can use this plagiarism detector as many times as you desire without facing any restriction or paying any charges.

Find Matching Sources

When it comes lớn detecting plagiarism, everytoàn thân desires lớn know about the link from where their text matches. The best free plagiarism checker by not only detects the plagiarized portions of your text but also provides you with a các mục of sources from where your entered text is matching. If you want khổng lồ keep the list of matching sources as evidence, you can download the plagiarism scan report for không tính phí with a single cliông chồng.

A list of key features:

1. Billions of website pages

This tool has the ability khổng lồ check plagiarism by matching your content against billions of webpages on the Internet. Once you upload your content, it will automatically run it against every existing content on the website within seconds, making it the most sophisticated yet faskiểm tra plagiarism scanner you"ll ever come across in your lifetime.

2. Automatic rewriting feature

It has an option for automatically rewriting the nội dung you run on it in just one cliông chồng. If your nội dung contains plagiarized work, all you have sầu to lớn vì chưng is cliông chồng on the rewrite option và you"ll be taken to our auto-paraphrasing tool, where your content will be updated immediately. This is a built-in feature available right inside the tool for absolutely miễn phí.

3. Multiple document formats

Our similarity checker allows you khổng lồ upload different formats of documents including .doc, .docx, .txt, .tex, .rtf, .odt, and .pdf. This means it does not matter what format your content takes, as long as it is digital, our tool will bởi vì the rest of the work.

4. URL integration

With this free online plagiarism thử nghiệm tool, not only are you able to upload different formats of documents, you can also kiểm tra plagiarism via a trang web URL. Simply enter the webpage URL và clichồng the "Check Plagiarism" button and you"re good to lớn go.

5. Reporting option

Our anti-plagiarism engine comes with a reporting option which allows you to download a report of the plagiarism search you run. This means you now have some sort of evidence lớn sover across to lớn the relevant parties & a record to lớn keep. Awesome!

6. Sharing option

How about an option for sharing the plagiarism report generated? Would you like that right INSIDE the tool, too? Well, we got you covered!

7. Multiple languages

This feature allows you khổng lồ check plagiarism on documents in other languages other than English. So whether your content is written in русский, 日本語, italiano, français, Português, Español, Deutsbít, 中文, our tool can speak your language.

8. Cloud compatibility

9. Local storage

If your nội dung is rather local, living in a tệp tin within your computer, then you can upload it directly from the local storage.

10. Percentage gauges

Once you"ve sầu uploaded your nội dung & clicked to lớn kiểm tra for plagiarism, our duplication checker will show you, in percentages, the levels of both plagiarized and quality nội dung in the document. For example, it"ll let you know that 82% of the nội dung is quality while 18% is plagiarized.

11. A list-based, sentence-wise result

The tool does not stop at showing you the percentage levels of plagiarized và quality content. It also shows you, in a các mục format for easy detection, both plagiarized (if any) và quality areas of the nội dung piece, sentence-by-sentence. Plagiarized sentences are shown in red while the unique ones are shown in green for your convenience.

12. Highlighted document view

With just one cliông chồng, you can also see the result in a document view, where the whole content is displayed in one document & the plagiarized materials are highlighted in red.

13. Ability khổng lồ view matched results

Right within the tool, you can view the external nội dung that matches the red sentences in your document. Plus, the URL of the external webpage is added for a quichồng & easy examination of the content.

14. One-click comparison feature

After the results are in, you can cliông chồng on the "Compare" button on any red (plagiarized) line to lớn go khổng lồ Google & compare that particular content with similar ones already published on the web. Great for finding where the plagiarized nội dung is coming from.

15. Exclude Specific URL

If you don"t want to detect plagiarism for a specific URL? Simply Insert that URL in the Exclude URL box and that"ll be done for you automatically, Copied (plagiarized) nội dung from that URL won"t be countered as plagiarism.

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16. Plagiarism Checker API

If you want khổng lồ develop a real-time multitasking plagiarism detection system, incorporated inlớn your trang web, then we have sầu your bachồng. The Plagiarism Checker API offers you a great API integration solution. This completely eliminates the need to lớn kiểm tra each & every article for every student individually và saves you hours upon hours of work và headabịt. You can kiểm tra plagiarism for multiple essays, thesis or assignments of your students in just one click. This also works great for big websites who accept dozens of articles from contributors frequently.

17. Plagiarism Checker WordPress Plugin

The Small SEO Tools Plagiarism Checker also has its version of WordPress plugin for checking plagiarism. With it, you don"t need lớn waste precious time copying và pasting the whole content of your post. Simply install the plugin, và whenever you are working on a new post or page content, cliông xã on the “Cheông xã Plagiarism” button and the plugin will automatically start checking the full nội dung, sentence-by-sentence. You can also compare plagiarized nội dung within the plugin by clicking on sentences. With this plugin, you don"t have khổng lồ worry about your nội dung being stolen or the search engines penalizing your site for nội dung duplication.

Whether you know it or not, plagiarism does affect you in some way. It doesn"t matter whether you"re the content creator or the one who consumes the nội dung, plagiarism affects us all.

As a nội dung creator (writer, author, researcher, student, freelancer, blogger, social truyền thông media manager, etc. It"s no news that you should be regularly checking to be sure that nobody toàn thân is copying your nội dung without your permission or giving you credit.

But much more than that, you also have lớn always run your nội dung on a plagiarism detection tool before publishing or submitting it to lớn be sure that your work does not contain plagiarism.

Why? Because plagiarism is an act of academic dishonesty, a breach of journalistic ethics, and above all, a publishing crime.

As such, you don"t want khổng lồ fall victyên ổn. If your work contains plagiarized content, whether intentionally or by ignorance, you st& to lớn face serious penalties including:

Legal actionsMonetary restitution và finesDamaged reputation

This is not lớn mention other consequences lượt thích SEO nội dung duplication penalties and lowered rankings, lost trust, possible academic sanctions, và more.

Now, on the other kết thúc of the spectrum, as a nội dung consumer or user (reader, professor or teacher who vets students" work, client of freelance writers, etc.), it is equally important khổng lồ check for plagiarism before accepting or taking action on any content you come across or submitted khổng lồ you.

And that is why we created the Plagiarism Checker by Small SEO Tools.

This tool is carefully designed to help you easily và quickly detect plagiarism in any digital text-based content.

It is used and trusted by millions of people all around the world & can easily boast of being the single most sophisticated, feature-rich, user-friendly content checker online.

Yet, we decided to lớn make it 100% không lấy phí.

Would you lượt thích khổng lồ see all these features for yourself? Start using the tool right now. It is 100% FREE.

This premium-cấp độ online tool is extremely easy lớn use, reliable & provides amazingly accurate results. It is useful for checking plagiarism irrespective of whether your content is an academic work, blog post, ebook, news article, term paper, trang đích content, website page nội dung, social media nội dung, gmail newsletter, and so on.

Built by our dedicated in-house team of highly talented developers, the Plagiarism Checker delivers results super fast. In fact, you can expect results in as little as 0.83 second for 1,000 words per tìm kiếm.

We respect user privacy, và hence vì not save your nội dung in our system. Once the tool is done running the plagiarism kiểm tra on your content, it automatically deletes it from our system immediately.

Go khổng lồ the Plagiarism Checker page to lớn learn more about the tool và also learn how to use it.

The different plans of our plagiarism checker allow the users a distinctive sầu word limit to lớn kiểm tra for plagiarism. In the table given below, we have outlined the word limit permitted in each version.

Word limit for Plagiarism CheckerPlans
plagiarism checker 1000 wordsFree
plagiarism checker 2000 wordsBasic
plagiarism checker 5000 wordsBasic
plagiarism checker 10000 wordsBasic
plagiarism checker 15000 wordsClassic
plagiarism checker 20000 wordsClassic
plagiarism checker 25000 wordsEnterprise
plagiarism checker 30000 wordsEnterprise

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