Chilly Là Gì

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The trouble is that instead of finding a warm, friendly atmosphere at the end of the road, we may find a chilly, unfriendly abode.
If he comes again, he will have a chilly reception, following his comments tonight about the fairness of the tribunals.
Consistency and continuity are two great qualities, but in this setting the words are somewhat chilly.
We all know that there is a chilly wind blowing through some of the world"s trade channels just now.
The atmosphere was rather chilly and antagonistic, and there was a universal note of criticism and apprehension running through the speeches.
Is not the nation indebted to postmen, policemen, roadmen, dustmen and so on, for the work they have put in during this rather chilly weather?
I hope that this matter will go through quickly and speedily and will not be allowed to drag on through the chilly winter.
I fervently hope that he is wrong about the weather, but in economics we face a chilly winter, despite all the great developments which have taken place.

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I wonder if the social security budget and social security staff are best employed making adjustment for exceptionally rainy summers, exceptionally chilly springs, exceptionally misty autumns, and so on.
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