TS (Transport Stream) is a standard digital format for storing video clip on DVDs. TS files are not widely accepted by most players và editors due to incompatibility issues. By converting TS lớn MP4 format, the đoạn phim files can be recognized by almost all devices và programs.

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The following are workable video clip converters lớn convert TS to MP4 files online and offline. You can convert VIDEO_TS files with different levels and platforms. Just read and get your best TS lớn MP4 đoạn Clip converter here.


Part 1: Best TS khổng lồ MP4 Converter Video Converter is your complete đoạn Clip toolbox that can convert large TS files khổng lồ MP4 with fast speed & high chất lượng. You can select which device you want khổng lồ play before TS lớn MP4 conversion. There are over 200 formats và 100 presets for all popular devices and gadgets. Moreover, you can get đoạn Clip editing tools to lớn personalize videos. The real-time pReview window can reflect all changes instantly.

Main Features of TS to MP4 Converter Software

Convert TS to MP4, AVI, MKV, FLV, WebM and all common đoạn phim and audio formats. Preserve sầu the original unique with a smaller file kích thước, including 1080p HD & 4K Ultra HD. Get 50x faster Clip conversion tốc độ with the most advanced acceleration công nghệ. Trlặng, rotate, crop, apply video effects, enable 3D settings, enhance Clip chất lượng, add watermark khổng lồ your đoạn Clip tệp tin. Adjust Clip and audio settings, including đoạn phim encoder, frame rate, resolution, etc.

How to lớn Convert TS to MP4 in Batch Quickly

Step 1: Free tải về, install and launch TS to lớn MP4 converter. Drag và drop TS video files to lớn its main interface.


Step 2: Unfold the “Profile” danh mục near the bottom of the TS to MP4 đoạn phim converter. Select “MP4” from “General Video” or other profiles.


Step 3: Clichồng “Edit” khổng lồ access video editing tools. You can also cliông xã “Clip” khổng lồ access the built-in video clip trimmer. Here you can split a lengthy đoạn phim inlớn clips. It is also supported to merge several Clip clips inlớn a new one.


Step 3: Cliông chồng “Settings” to lớn adjust profile settings. If you want to lớn convert lots of TS videos khổng lồ MP4 format, you can enable the “Shut Down” option. Your computer will shut down after TS to MP4 đoạn Clip conversion automatically.


Part 2: Online Free TS lớn MP4 Converter Free Online Video Converter is capable lớn convert TS to lớn MP4 online quickly. There are no tệp tin form size limitation or other restrictions. Thus, you can convert files from TS to MP4 và other formats. It is a 100% miễn phí & safe online TS to lớn MP4 converter you can try.

Step 1: Visit the TS lớn MP4 converter online at Clichồng “Add files lớn convert”. The first time you use the program, you need khổng lồ install its launcher in clicks.


Step 2: Cliông xã “Add File” khổng lồ import TS files. Later, highlight the TS video clip and select “MP4” near the bottom.


Step 3: Clichồng the gear “Settings” icon next to lớn the TS Clip file. You can change resolution, đoạn Clip encoder và other settings. Clichồng “OK” lớn save changes. At last, cliông chồng “Convert” khổng lồ convert TS lớn MP4 free online.


Part 3: Top 3 mở cửa Source TS khổng lồ MP4 Converters

There is also some không lấy phí & open source Clip converter software you can choose. Consequently, you can convert TS files lớn MP4 on multiplatsize, lượt thích Windows, Mac, Linux and more.

1. VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is a multimedia player và converters. You can convert TS to MP4 with VLC for không tính phí on your computer & Mobile phone. There is also a không lấy phí TS lớn MP4 converter game android you can try.

Step 1: xuất hiện VLC Media Player. Choose “Convert/Save” from the “Media” drop-down danh mục.

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Step 2: Cliông xã “Add” lớn browse và import TS files. Select “MP4/MOV” next khổng lồ the “Profile” các mục. Then cliông chồng “Save” khổng lồ save sầu changes and go baông chồng to lớn the previous window.

Step 3: Set “MP4” as the output đoạn phim format. Change the destination thư mục if necessary. Click “Save” followed by “Start” khổng lồ start converting TS to MP4 with VLC.


2. HandBrake

HandBrake allows users to lớn convert TS lớn MP4 đoạn phim on Mac, Windows & Linux for free. Though the user interface is not friendly lớn inexperienced users.

Step 1: Run HandBrake. Cliông chồng “Open Source” to lớn add TS video clip files.

Step 2: Select “MP4” from the “Container” các mục under “Output đầu ra Settings”.

Step 3: Cliông chồng “Browse” lớn choose an output thư mục.

Step 4: Clichồng “Start Encode” to convert TS lớn MP4 with HandBrake.


3. FFmpeg

FFmpeg is a comm& line tool that allows users khổng lồ convert TS to lớn MP4 & other truyền thông media formats. Compared with common Clip tệp tin converters, newbies may have sầu difficulties while using FFmpeg.

Step 1: Download FFmpeg Zip file. Create a thư mục named “FFmpegTool” in C drive sầu. Unzip, install and run the program on a PC.

Step 2: Enter “cmd” to get a command line window.

Step 3: Type “cd”. Then type “cd FFmpegTool” lớn enter into the FFmpegTool thư mục.

Step 4: Type “cd bin” và “ffmpeg.exe” to access all nội dung.

Step 5: Type “ffmpeg -i yourvideoname.ts -c:v libx264 outputfilename.mp4” to convert TS khổng lồ MP4 with FFmpeg.


That’s all for TS to lớn MP4 conversion in different situations. If you want lớn get a lightweight đoạn Clip converter, Free Online Video Converter can be your first choice. It is totally không tính tiền and safe to lớn use. If you want khổng lồ convert various media files, you should not miss Video Converter. You can batch convert TS khổng lồ MP4 with the faskiểm tra tốc độ và best unique. Both beginners and experts can get the satisfying result here.


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