Transaction banking




Payment settlements are required either occasionally or permanently and can be carried out through transfers.

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A transfer can be used as follows: • Occasionally – for ad-hoc requirements ; • Permanently – for recurring or regular needs that require a repetitive sầu transfer towards the same recipient. Benefits • Widespread: transfers are a widespread mode of payment because they are simple, secure, inexpensive, fast, flexible, customisable. • Fast: for payments in Vietphái nam, beneficiary’s trương mục can be credited on the same day thanks to lớn our direct participation in IBPS system (CITAD) – a nation-wide local clearing system & VCB-Money – an internet payment services of Vietcomngân hàng – a largest local bank in Vietnam. • Flexible: For all multicurrency transactions, you can choose between EUR, USD, AUD, CAD, CHF, GBP.., HKD, SGD, JPY, THB, NOK or SEK.

Payment of salaries

Why not avail yourself an simple solution for your company’s payment of salaries? A very simple way khổng lồ perform your salary payment at your own periodical frequency without agreement signed. How does it work ? An excel sheet sample shall be provided where you will have lớn đầu vào the bank trương mục details of your employees. The soft copy & duly signed và stamped instructions will have sầu to lớn be handed over to the Bank for the payment of salaries.

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Benefits • This payment facility enables a consolidated management of your operations. • You have sầu the flexibility of sending us your payment of salaries as and when convenient khổng lồ you. • For payments in Vietnam giới, salaries can be credited to lớn respective employees’ accounts on the same day thanks to our direct participation in IBPS system (CITAD) – a nation-wide local clearing system và VCB-Money – an internet payment services of Vietcomngân hàng – a largest local bank in Vietnam.



Current account: A current trương mục enables all essential transactions: payment of your suppliers, salaries, local & international transfers, among muốn others. You can open a Corporate Current Account in either VND or foreign currency (USD, EUR, CAD, GBP., etc..) Features và Benefits: • Able khổng lồ vị all transactions banking (such as: deposit, withdrawn, transfer for supplier…) • Able lớn utilize for cash pledge account, guarantee… • Flexible to utilize account with high non-term deposit interest rate • Automatic notification of transaction through internet banking • Account Statements are downloadable, không tính phí of charge via mạng internet banking *More information: Plese contact Corporate Banking Dept via phone No.(+84-28) 3932 0827


Web Banking

The Web Banking Solution is available 24/7 in a secured environment. This online banking service makes it quick and easy to fulfil your day-to-day banking requirements.. This module comprises: • Free registration and competity charges • User-friendly • Account consultation, balance consultation, etc. • Make usual banking operations • Multi-màn chơi validation transfers capable • Manage your activity (define alerts, gmail trương mục officer, manage accounts, manage beneficiaries, manage loans và Term Deposits, etc.) • Download Bank Account Statement • FX rate monitoring/ FX conversion tool • 24/24 Access khổng lồ accounts • Securing banking system with Virtual Keypad và OTP. combination • Access from everywhere via links giớ