Đại Hải Trình

The race to lớn become the infamous King Hai Tac in general Dai Hai Trinh’s fighting strategy game is very thrilling, thrilling to every moment. If you want to lớn rise to number one in the world of Pirates, you will definitely have sầu lớn use the Code Dai Hai Trinh to receive sầu many high-cấp độ generals, rare equipment … below of Taimienphi.

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Grand journey allows players lớn choose 1 of 3 character classes after logging in, fighting & recruiting more infamous Pirates modeled on the One Piece series lớn size a team of 4, fighting everywhere claiming King 4 Phuong.

Dai Hai Trinch – Strategy game on Android & iOS

Code Dai Hai Trinh

How khổng lồ receive Code Dai Hai Trinh

Event 1: Share Landing– Reward: Code Dai Hai Trinh+ Jade Prophet x2+ Gold x100,000+ Spirit of Companion x100,000– Link participating: Event 1 / a>

Event 2: Trailer Sharing– Reward: Code Dai Hai Trinh– Link participating: Event 2

Event 3: Race Top Interactive– Reward: Dai Hai Trinch giftCode– Link participating: Event 3

Event 4: Hard Fan– Reward: Code game Dai Hai Trinh– Link participating: Event 4

Other places khổng lồ receive sầu Code Dai Hai Trinch are miễn phí of charge– Dai Hai Trinh website here– Fanpage Dai Hai Trinh here– Group Dai Hai Trinch here– Website receives other codes Here


Instructions for entering Code Dai Hai Trinh

– Step 1: At the main screen in the game Dai Hai Trinc, select Welfare.

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– Step 2: In the new panel that appears, select Featured Activities => click Redemption Gifts.– Step 3: Next you enter Code Dai Hai Trinh in a blank box => click Change.


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Reference: Treasure Islvà To The Isl& Mobile


Download game Dai Hai Trinh lakiểm tra version

=> Link tải về Dai Hai Trinch for Android


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