Mu Origin 2 Gift Codes Shared Here For Free

After months of teasing, MU Origin 2 finally hit the phầm mềm stores last week.

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And it’s off khổng lồ a flying start, racking up over 50,000 downloads in its first few days.

To help it along, developer Webzen is giving away dozens of coupons for in-game items khổng lồ players all around the world. Details on that lớn follow. First, a little bit more about the game.

MU Origin 2 is the follow-up to, you guessed it, MU Origin. That game has been dominating the RPG charts lượt thích Godzilla for the last couple of years, thanks in part khổng lồ a succession of huge nội dung updates that have sầu kept the game fresh và exciting.

Classic fantasy RPG hijinks

In this sequel, you get to lớn choose from Dark Wizard, Dark Knight, and Elf before setting off on an epic fantasy adventure filled with monsters, beasts, magic, & pretty much everything you’d hope to find in a Smartphone MMORPG.

That means a single-player chiến dịch, strung together by story quests. It also means dungeons and rsida, which you can take on solo or in a party with other players around the glove sầu.

Plus, you get a pet. Specifically, you get an animal that will fight alongside you in battle, & another one that will carry you from place khổng lồ place across the sprawling MU Continent. You can tăng cấp these, along with yourself, & much more, unlocking new content as you go.

Prior lớn the game’s release, Webzen held a brief, week-long closed beta, which yielded some interesting results. For instance, it revealed that more players choose khổng lồ be Dark Wizards than either of the other two options, while Elf is the least popular choice.

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Beta the devil you know

So you can arm yourself with that knowledge – or not – as you take your own first tentative sầu steps in the universe of MU Origin 2.

And, if you’re lucky, you can arm yourself with some không tính phí loot via a coupon from Webzen. Specifically, you can nab 1m Zen, ten Jewels of Blessing, & trăng tròn Condor Feathers.

Getting a coupon couldn’t be any easier. Really. We’re giving away 75 every Friday for the next four weeks. They’re in this article, at the bottom, listed by region (US West, US East, và EU). Go & grab one now if you like – they won’t hang around for long. Just please make sure you paste the code you’ve sầu just used in the comments, so that your fellow readers know it’s taken.

Once you’ve sầu nabbed a code, here’s how you redeem it. First, tap the ‘reward’ icon on the top-right of the screen. Then scroll up lớn the ‘coupon’ tab on the left-h& side. Enter your coupon code when prompted, & tap ‘exchange’.

Bam! Your goodies are in your inventory – or, if your inventory is already full, they’re in your mailbox. Enjoy! Don’t forget khổng lồ tải về MU Origin 2 via Google Play first too of course.

**Update** We’ve sầu got the fourth và final lot of codes ready for you right here – tuchồng in!

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