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Download & play Cover Fire MOD APK now – the ultimate shooting game is storming on Google Play. Try it, surely your weekends will change quickly, no longer bored.

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Overview information

NamePackagePublisherCategoryVersionSizeMOD FeaturesRequires
Cover Fire
Genera Games
1.21.14 (build 245)
Unlimited Money, VIP 5
Android 4.1

Introducing Cover Fire

You are bored & want khổng lồ find an interesting game khổng lồ entertain. Currently, there are hundreds of different games so what is the name worth playing? Currently, many shooter games are gradually appearing with different characteristics. However, Cover Fire is the most outstanding. Some basic information about the game is mentioned as follows:


The plot in a game is always a factor khổng lồ create the attraction as well as the outstanding meaning of the game. Therefore, everyone is interested in this issue before downloading the game và experiencing it. Cover Fire has a new but also quality storyline.


The game brings us lớn a world with extremely mysterious colors. A force called Tetracorp is raising lớn capture the whole planet. At the same time, we – the resistance forces made every effort to fight the evil forces with our inherent abilities.

In the game, we will role-play three characters và alternately use them to overcome different cases with each person’s special weapons và skills. In it, just control the characters, you also have lớn recruit to create a squad of soldiers with different specific missions.


Cover Fire forces us lớn fully immerse in the story. We have sầu to lớn use huge arsenal to lớn overcome various difficult missions. Especially the HD graphics of the game brings a completely true và engaging experience. The spectacular action scenes with smoke everywhere bring players experiences that hardly any game can vị. The way of attaông chồng is also extremely realistic with the different weapons which divide inkhổng lồ specific characteristics for each type.


Especially according to the game publisher, Cover Fire has a 3D Touch feature. This is an extremely necessary feature in a shooting game. With just simple operations, the shooting phase still takes place quickly but with high accuracy.

An offline shooting game

Speaking of shooting games, we can not forget to mention the game PUBG Smartphone. Cover Fire, too, with the same gameplay, players have lớn use their skill and reason wisely to pass the gunmen easily. If not really serious, the game will be very difficult & take a lot of time khổng lồ win.

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Of course, compared to PUBG, Cover Fire is just an offline shooting game. However, no matter what, these two series still have different salient features. You need to have sầu good tactics & skills lớn overcome the situations the game offers you.

Not easy lớn win

It looks simple, but Cover Fire makes it difficult for gamers to play. When immersing in the game, you are required khổng lồ have a sharp mindset & skills lớn take down all enemies and rescue hostages. Besides, the game allows you lớn upgrade your weapons và character skills, such as increasing the speed of reloading, reducing the recoil of guns,…


Through each mission, the difficulty of Cover Fire increases & causes many surprises for players on the next level. If you have played many shooting games, but bởi vì not be too confident with your aiming skills. The game can make you overwhelmed by seemingly impossible tasks.


This game probably received the favor of the game publisher. Inheriting advanced graphics platforms, Cover Fire is an extremely high-chất lượng FPS game with in-game scenes that are depicted in detail. The battlefield is designed to be authentic, giving you the feeling of suffocation lượt thích you are on the battlefield. The action is also full of drama. The bullet that ends each scene has an impressive sầu cutscene and makes the player excited.


Cover Fire is probably the highest graphics game for sản phẩm điện thoại phones. At the same time, the story is new compared to the shooter games at the same time. The game brings authentiđô thị but no less thrilling và dramatic for players. In particular, with the features that One Man B& brings, this game gives you a new experience when playing the FPS game series.

MOD APK version of Cover Fire

MOD features

Vip 5 Unlocked: Unlocking VIPhường 5 gives you many benefits, including:

Increase 20% extra gold when buying.Max energy: 15.Max tickets: 8.Max number of replays: 4.

Unlimited Money: You can buy weapons, characters completely with money. Besides, gold is the premium currency of the game. Our MOD version gives you an infinite amount of money/gold. Thanks khổng lồ that, you can freely cửa hàng, tăng cấp weapons and experience the characters of the game.

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Download Cover Fire MOD APK for Android

Overall, Cover Fire is a game with beautiful graphics and attractive sầu gameplay. If you’re bored in your không tính phí time, tải về Cover Fire right away to lớn immersed in the thrilling action scenes. This game will definitely not disappoint you.

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