Crosshair Là Gì

two thin wires crossing each other in a gun or other device, which you use to help you ayên at something:

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Options were a 2-power scope with crosshairs or a vertical aiming post và a 5-power scope with crosshairs.
Many modern crosshairs are actually etched onlớn a thin plate of glass, which allows a far greater latitude in shapes.
The focal plane is thus located outside of the eyepiece & is hence accessible as a location where a graticule, or micrometer crosshairs may be placed.
Even crude grease pencil crosshairs were quickly discovered khổng lồ enable a pilot flying in a pylon turn to lớn hit a stationary area target with relative sầu accuracy and ease.
The crosshairs were adjusted until coincident with their reflection, & the line of sight was then perfectly vertical; in this position the circles were read for the "nadir point".
The player also has the ability lớn loông chồng onto enemies by moving the crosshairs cthua enough lớn the target and clicking & holding the right mouse button.
Fixation was aided by crosshairs with a 4-deg central gap that was superimposed in the background channel.
The disk was turned until the crosshairs aligned vertically with the dorsal fin and horizontally with the pupils.
The eyepiece is fitted with fine cross-hairs lớn fix a precise position, which is then read off the vernier scale.

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Many modern scopes use wire crosshairs, which can be flattened to lớn various degrees khổng lồ change the width.
There are weak points indicated by red crosshairs on certain body parts (usually the mouth and eyes) in this and other bosses.
There are many variations of reticles; this article concerns itself mainly with a simple reticle: crosshairs.
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