3 Year

Sooo, it’s been 3 years since the release of original Cry of Fear: Epilogue và that means now we are celebrating the 3rd anniversary! So much stuff happened lately, you know, & unfortunately not all of it was about Cry of Fear: Epilogue Remake. To be honest, I was studying & working on my bachelor’s thesis (there were some issues with my academic performance), that’s why I could only spkết thúc weekends working on my hack, and not all my free time as it was earlier. Anyway, I won’t abandon my project because I like it too much.

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Next I’d like to explain my current and future plans.


I hope you bởi remember that two talented musicians from «MELATEEN» bvà are composing the soundtraông xã. At this point, about 90% of their progress is ready lớn go. You can listen lớn some of the results of their work already.

Denis Filanovich, Jackie"s voice actor, as well as the person who worked on the Russian localization for such games lượt thích “Alan Wake”, “call of Cthulhu”, “Condemned: Criminal Origins” và so on, prepared the voice acting for the first chapter of gian lận.

The changed plot is also worth mentioning. After a long revision of the old script, I think I managed to lớn create a good enough story, which looks quite decent.

Thanks khổng lồ a new translator who wants to lớn remain anonymous, Cry of Fear: Epilogue Remake now has acceptable English translation.


Unfortunately, my màn chơi won’t become a part of the winter campaign. Although I worked on it for about a month, alas, the map was too large and did not satisfy me with its chất lượng. Because of that I decided lớn turn this màn chơi into a survival maps & release it as an add-on (that is known khổng lồ you as the Halloween DLC). As for winter collab, I wanted to lớn make a completely new cấp độ from scratch. But as soon as I started working again, a lot of educational problems fell on me và I could be expelled because of it, so I was forced to postpone the mapping for almost two months, which is why I missed the deadline when I had khổng lồ present my bản đồ.


1. To finish and polish Cry of Fear: Epilogue Remake.

2. To add Cry of Fear: Epilogue Remake to the official danh sách of campaigns.

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3. To release the expansion “Jackie"s Way”, which will let you to look at the events of the remake with the eyes of the main antagonist.

4. To make some more cool levels for Quantum Paradox.

5. To release my own survival horror codenamed “Project Burial at Sea”.


Looking bachồng at the old days, I realized that Cry of Fear really changed my life. After all, I found many good friends among mỏi the members of community. Here I determined the main goal in my life - lớn become a professional level designer. And I feel like this is just the beginning of the big adventure, I"m glad to lớn be able lớn mô tả this with you and my team. Moreover, I"m happy that you guys will see what we have sầu prepared for you in Cry of Fear: Epilogue Remake.

So here, as an anniversary gift, I release an updated thử nghiệm of Cry of Fear: Epilogue Remake, in which you can see the progress và progress in chất lượng of the project.

Change list:

- Plot changes;

- chơi Game changes;

- Added voice acting for Jackie;

- Added English localization;

- Replaced the old soundtrack with new music by MELATEEN band.

There’s only English version of the thủ thuật so far, this is all thanks to lớn the great and shiny patch that ruins Russian localization và fonts. Soon I will fix it & release the Russian version. Well, not a big khuyến mãi for you in particular, but anyway… Just saying.

Cry of Fear: Epilogue Remake Demo(Original Soundtrack)


Phường.S.: Thank you so much for your tư vấn, questions and criticism. It’s nice to lớn see all the people who stay tuned and keep an eye on the mod development. You motivate us to lớn keep going và bởi our best.

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