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Deflation (Econ) Giảm phát+ Là sự sụt giảm tiếp tục vào mức giá thành phổ biến.

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deflation /di"fleiʃn/ danh từ
sự tháo khá ra, sự ghẹ hơi (tài chính) sự giải lạm phátsự phong hóasự thổi mònLĩnh vực: ô tôsự nổ lốpsự tháo dỡ hơisự xìLĩnh vực: hóa học và đồ dùng liệuthổi mòndeflation hole: lỗ thổi mòndeflation lake: hồ nước thổi mònplane of deflation: khía cạnh phẳng thổi mònbớt giáprice deflation: Giảm ngay mặt hàng hóabớt phátconstant deflation: giảm vạc liên tụccurrency deflation: giảm phát chi phí tệdeflation of currency: giảm phân phát chi phí tệdeflation policy: cơ chế bớt phátmonetary deflation: sự giảm phát tiền tệsự sút giásự siết chặt giữ thông chi phí tệbudget deflationsút chi ngân sáchincome deflationbớt thu nhậpwage deflationgiảm lương o sự thổi mòn, tác dụng thổi mòn




(geology) the erosion of soil as a consequence of s& & dust and loose rocks being removed by the wind

a constant deflation of the desert landscape

a contraction of economic activity resulting in a decline of pricesthe act of letting the air out of something

Bloomberg Financial Glossary

通货紧缩通貨緊縮Decline in the prices of goods and services. Antithesis of inflation.

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Investopedia Financial Terms

A general decline in prices, often caused by a reduction in the supply of money or credit.Deflation canbe caused also by a decrease in government, personalor investment spending.The opposite of inflation, deflation has theside effect of increased unemployment since there is a lower màn chơi of dem& in the economy, which can lead khổng lồ an economic depression.
Declining prices, if they persist, generally create a vicious spiral of negatives such as falling profits, closing factories, shrinking employment & incomes, & increasingdefaults onloans by companies và individuals.To counter deflation, the Federal Reserve sầu (the Fed) can usemonetary policy to lớn increase the money supply và deliberately induce rising prices,causing inflation.Rising prices provide an essential lubricant for any sustained recovery because businessesincrease profitsand take some of the depressive pressures off wages & debtors of every kind.
Consumer Price Index - CPIDisinflationFederal Reserve BankHyperinflationInflationInflationary PsychologyMonetary PolicyMoney SupplyReflationStagflation
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