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The following article provides a user guide lớn the Digital Delivery application. Summary:The following article provides a user guide to lớn the Digital Delivery application.See less The following article provides a user guide lớn the Digital Delivery application.

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What is Digital Delivery và how does it work? Digital Delivery (DDD) is a service which enables you khổng lồ purchase software at the time you order your computer.You can tải về & install it once you receive sầu the computer and connect to the Internet.

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Here is how it works:

When you order Optional software to be Digitally Delivered with your computer. You will not receive sầu physical truyền thông media (CD"s or DVD"s, paper license keys, or printed documentation) for these Digitally Fulfilled applications.

When your new computer is powered on for the first time, you will be walked through the regular computer thiết đặt including connecting to the Internet.

After you have connected your computer lớn the Internet.The Digital Delivery application that is already installed on your computer will run automatically within 30 minutes after the OS activation. When Digital Delivery runs, it will alert you that it is ready to download and install any software that you may have purchased.

You will be presented with one of two possible displays depending on the version of Microsoft Windows that is installed on your computer:

Windows 10 version 1709 and previous versions along with Non-Windows 10 will receive sầu the following walkthrough:

You will be presented with the following screen:


(Figure.1 Digital Delivery Start Screen)

You can select one of these options: Download Now, Remind Me Later or Do Not Download.

If you choose to tải về the software, you can select the software - which will put a checkmark in the selection box. You can then select Download Now. After a successful download, you will receive sầu the following message:


(Figure.2 Digital Delivery Purchase Delivery Screen)

If you select tải về later, you will receive a reminder after reboot or every 24 hours until you complete the tải về.

Selecting Do Not Download will over the process until you decide to return khổng lồ the tải về screen. You can return lớn the download screen by selecting the Digital Delivery application at the Start Menu.

If your computer has an operating system which is Windows 10 version 1803 or newer, you will receive the following walkthrough for downloading your purchased software.


(Figure.3 Digital Delivery Screen)

At the time Digital Delivery is launched, you canchoose Download Now.Alternatively, there are various options for snoozing the download of your purchases.


(Figure.4 DDD Snooze Screen)

If you choose the Snooze, the option to lớn tải về notice will appear after the selected time option. If you choose Do Not Download, your software will not be downloaded. If you change your mind, you may launch the Digital Delivery application manually at any time. (at the start menu)

If you cliông xã Download Now by opening the application, you will be presented with several options as you download your software:

Download All. đánh giá the status of the software Redeemed. Redeem each software individually. Reviews your license key number. reviews the History of your software downloads. Reinstall software from the History Menu.

Initially, the application will present you with the option to lớn redeem all copies of the software. You only need khổng lồ select Download All.


(Figure.5 DDD Download All Screen)

The Status will be displayed with a Progress Bar for you lớn nhận xét.


(Figure.6 DDD Progress Screen)


(Figure.7 DDD Available Tab)

If your preference is to lớn download an individual software, selecting GET will start the process.


(Figure.8 DDD Get)

You will then select the Redeem software option. If you are interested in reviewing your License Key number? After selecting GET, you will be presented with two options (Redeem software or Copy License Key XXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX) in which case you will see your license Key.


(Figure.9 DDD Redeem)

At any time, you can Review the History of your downloaded software via the History Tab within Digital Delivery:


(Figure.10 DDD History Tab)

From the History Tab, you can reinstall your Software. Selecting the downward arrow of the Installed selection allows you khổng lồ install your software again.


(Figure.11 DDD Install Again) Digital Delivery will inkhung you when the installation is complete. If a restart of the computer is needed, you will be prompted to lớn do so. After installation is complete, the installed programs can be found in your Start Menu or All Programs (Windows 7 & 8) or Apps và Features for Windows 10.

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How vì chưng I uninstall or reinstall the Digital Delivery Application & service?

To uninstall Digital Delivery for Windows 7 and 8, go lớn theControl Panel& choosePrograms and Features. Select Digital Delivery and follow the computer"s instructions to lớn remove và uninstall the program, for Windows 10.

To reinstall Digital Delivery:

Non-UWPhường (Universal Windows Platform): Support.

UWP: Go lớn the Windows Store.

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How bởi I retrieve my Digital Delivery Software, Entitlement, and/or License Key?

Non-UWP: Support

UWP: From the History Tab.


(Figure.10 DDD History Tab)

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The entitlement for the license (và download) is kept available for either 8 years or 10 downloads và is not related lớn the hardware warranty.

Resetting the Digital Delivery Client and Gathering the Logs. (Windows 7 up khổng lồ Windows 10 version 1803)

DDDFixIt Tool

The DDDFixIt Tool described above will rephối the Digital Delivery application và deposit the logs in a DDDFixIt folder on your desktop.

Internal Reset

If Digital Delivery can be launched on your machine, it can be reset internally by clicking Options (the gear icon) & Rephối Settings.

For Windows 10(version 1803 and later) you can reset under the General Tab.


(Figure.12 DDD General Tab)

In the case of a system exchange, the entitlement for Digital Delivery is transferred khổng lồ the new systems service tag.

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When I receive the message, "There was a problem, Please reinstall," are there any other options before reinstalling?

You can reinstall the software from within Digital Delivery by clicking the Info Ibé. It is located at the right of the listing for the application. SelectInstall this application again.

If that is not successful, you can reset the Digitally Delivered Application by clicking Options (the "gear" icon) and Rephối Settings.

If this is unsuccessful, you may attempt to lớn manually install the software. Opemãng cầu Windows Explorer window by clicking the folder at the bottom of your desktop and navigate lớn C:ProgramDatasydneyowenson.comDigitalDeliveryDownloadsSoftware.

I receive sầu the message, " Digital Delivery has not been able to connect to the Internet. Please make sure you are connected & try again"

Cthảm bại the Digital Delivery application.

If you are successful, start the Digital Delivery application again.

If you were unable to lớn navigate to lớn a website, click Start, Control Panel, Network và Sharing Center, and select "Set up a new connection or network." Follow the instructions và once you are connected to lớn the Internet, start the Digital Delivery application again.

Run through the following steps lớn resolve sầu the issue:

Check your firewall settings, adjust them if needed.

Verify your Internet connection by connecting to another secure website such as:

If this works, try connecting to:

If this brings up a secure log-in prompt, try connecting to lớn digital delivery again. If you vị not see this prompt or you still cannot connect lớn digital delivery, your firewall settings may need lớn be adjusted. Alternatively, the Backover may be down. Technical Support may be able to lớn make some suggestions in these cases by looking at your main client log files:

C:ProgramDatasydneyowenson.comDigital DeliveryLogsService.Log.

Remix DDD. (Figure.3)

Uninstall và reinstall ADD from the Drivers & Downloads website.

Note: For non-UWP Windows 10 systems, DDDFixIT.exe is a downloadable tool which will attempt to solve sầu any problems and install the latest version of the DDD application.
Term Definition Description
DDD Digital Delivery Service for downloading, và installing software that was purchased or came with your PC. How khổng lồ access your Digital Locker
DDL Digital Locker Single destination to manage PURCHASED software products: How to lớn access your Digital Locker Download Center offers different sources for downloading BIOS, Drivers, & Software applications. Reinstall your software or get the last software that you just bought.
DEE Digital Entitlement Engine Engine lớn process the license retrieval request, trigger LKM to generate the license key.
LKM License Key Manager License Key Manager (LKM) that helps in managing digital product keys (DPKs) for procurement, allocation, inventory management, returns, trương mục reconciliation, và audits.

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