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Gunny Rewritten Regular

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Gunny Handwriting I saw, the more I was dissatisfied with all its faults. In the end I created this revised version. At first sight it might look just like the original but actually it was completely (and hopefully very gently =) remade.The size of the characters is 20 % bigger, there should be no technical mistakes (overlapping curves, etc.) left, all strokes keep the same style and width, the margins of most characters were changed including the kerning of classic problem pairs (Fo, Po, ...), many special or composed characters were added (Polish, French, Greek, ...) and all characters are smoother, so they look better in bigger sizes.Since version 0.97 the font includes all Greek and Cyrillic letters. data-editable="" data-typeface=gunny-rewritten id=typeface-description>
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