Road Redemption is a video game that is based on the genre of combat and racing video games. The developer of this game is the EQ games as well as Pixel Dash Studios, which is a spiritual counterpart of the series of Road Rash games from the genre of vehicle combat racing based video games. The PC version of this game was launched on 4th October 2016. The other editions for different consoles were launched on 6th November, 2018 for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4.

It is such a game where the player has to participate in a racing competition with a kind of space, land, air, or water vehicles. They might be related to anything from the real world racing competition to the fantasy-based settings. These are scattered in a spectrum in between different simulations as well as a simple arcade designed racing games. 

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What is the game Road Redemption all about?

This game is known to be the spiritual counterpart of the Road Rush series, which includes different combat-based racing video games. The aim of the players of this game is replicating the silliness and simplicity similar to that of the Road Rash games. It also introduces the players too much more advanced graphics as well as mechanics of gameplay. Additionally, there are melee weapons showcased in the Road Rash. 

The road Redemption shows different firearms in all player’s choices for different weapons too. The game will showcase the split-screen multiplayer form which includes the computerized modes as well, which is rarely found for these platforms. The offered version of this game would have showcased the potential for the sessions of multiplayer to occur with a single player on the TV and other modes like the screen of GamePad.

The game was launched for the very first time in April 2013 parallel with a Kickstarter campaign. A hefty amount was raised by the campaign, which could successfully exceed its goal. The funding of this game was mainly for developmental purposes. It missed many of its goals. 


Back in the year 2009, Ian Fisch, who has been a long-term fan of the series of Road Rash games created a blog post related to the revival needs of the game. He had aimed to make the blog post to be similar to a call for all game developers like Electronic Arts for giving this series a revisit. 

To follow the failures on the commercial ground, the combat or racing games like blue and second/split, he had the belief that there will rarely be an appetite for such a game from the ground of an established development so he started to work by himself to take the game on himself. 

Initially, the game was decided to be launched in August 2014. This was postponed to November during the launch of the alpha version in April 2014. There was also a beta version which was launched via the platforms of stream early access in September 2014. The release date of this game was missed in 2014 and many other pre-scheduled updates that let you the cancellation of the game in 2015. The 2016 updates of this game clarified the ongoing development of the game. Another set of release dates were planned for macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, Wii U, and Windows. 

Once the game was released, the game’s by dark seas also aims at creating open-ended games letting people create mod files of the game. The DarkSeas Game’s got into a team with the team of Yacht Club Games for presenting the character of a shovel knight to the game in a character that is playable. 

Features of Road Redemption 

The players of all the earlier series of Road redemption must be well known to its specifications. There are some changes in every new edition, but few aspects remain the same. So, here are some amazing features of this game: 


Types of weapon

There are two different kinds of weapons that can be found in the game. These weapons are sharp weapons and blunt ones. The blunt weapons keep knocking around the other bikes by popping off the helmets of their rivals whereas the sharper weapons can cause much more damage to the rivals without a helmet. 

Those who have still not tried this game must give it a try real soon. Particularly, if you are a fan of bike racing games of vehicle racing combat games, Road Redemption can be undoubtedly the best option you try. Despite having certain flaws, this game has the potential of impressing the players with excellent gameplay, customization options, outstanding performance, and mechanics. 

Road Redemption PC Game Download

NameInitial Release DateEngineSeriesPublishersPlatforms
Road Redemption
18 September 2014
Road Rash
Pixel Dash Studios, Tripwire Interactive, Dark Seas Interactive, Sunken Treasures Games