Elune Saga takes what makes the Pokemon games so popular (the creatures, the collecting, & the fighting), blends in its own lore, adds in great social features, and presents players with an excellent turn-based RPG experience.Players start out as a young elune named Tristam. Elunes have sầu the ability khổng lồ absorb the souls of the creatures collected (in thẻ form) during the adventure. When absorbed, the souls give the chosen character special combat abilities. Eventually the tiệc nhỏ grows as players progress through the game, & each elune party thành viên can be outfitted with up lớn six souls each.

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Players get a handful of creature cards at the over of every cấp độ. Elune Saga is pretty generous with the card distribution, as I never found myself in short supply of cards. You may think that forcing players to lớn buy cards is how Elune Saga makes its money, but that is not the case at all.

Combat is straightforward, and anyone who has played a turn-based RPG in the past decade will be able to lớn jump right in without having lớn read the tutorial. The player và the enemies alternate attacking one another, & players can utilize the soul abilities whenever they are available. Each thẻ has a certain cool-down time khổng lồ it, so some careful planning is needed khổng lồ ensure that cards are used at the most opportune moment.

Combat has a satisfying feel to it. Successful attacks have sầu weight lớn them; the screen gently shakes and the characters react khổng lồ being hit. The animations of the basic attacks, & especially the soul abilities và eventually-unlocked super abilities are exciting lớn watch unfold. Considering the majority of time spent in the game will be in combat, it’s great that the combat itself is so snappy.

Operating with these very basic gameplay principles, Elune Saga offers players an incredible amount of nội dung for không tính phí. Even though the game is free-to-play, I never experienced a single advertisement, nor did I feel the need to lớn spkết thúc money on in-game items. GAMEVIL even gifted me a handful of the in-game currency lớn use for my nhận xét, & I ended up using very little of it.


I was awarded hundreds of gold pieces for simply completing levels, & if I happened to knock out an achievement in the process I could count on usually one-thous& gold pieces showing up in my mailbox. The cards I collected through completing the levels I typically just recycled by upgrading them to improve my existing cards. A small gold-fee is required during the nâng cấp process, so that is mostly where the gold I earned went to lớn.

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As much as I enjoyed the gameplay aspects of Elune Saga, I wasn’t so into some of the thiết kế decisions that were put into lớn the game.


The art direction is very much in the vein of anime, và while I have no problem with anime, I bởi have sầu a problem with is unneeded objectification. There are a number of examples of creature cards in Elune Saga that I took one look at & cringed. It’s one thing khổng lồ have sầu a beautiful character, but when nearly every female is posed provocatively, or showing off an unnecessary amount of skin, it comes off as tasteless.

While some of the male creature cards exhibit the same laông xã of clothing that the females vì, it is hardly ever to lớn the same degree as the female art, and most of the males are heavily armored, child-like, or non-human. The female designs also far outnumber the male designs.


Apart from this one disappointing aspect of Elune Saga, though, I found little khổng lồ dislượt thích about the game.

There really is a ton of stuff khổng lồ do: the main adventure, stand-alone dungeons, a full-fledged achievement system, multiplayer PVP arena matches, and social features lượt thích friends lists, guilds, and guild perks encourage players lớn not only return, but return with their friends in tow.

Elune Saga is a great free-to-play game, and I encourage fans of turn-based RPGs to check this one out. It definitely packs enough value to lớn make it worth your time.

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