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Eternity Warriors 3 is a Mobile action RPG that features high-quality 3 chiều graphics and exciting hack-n-slash combat in a world ridden by evil magic. Destroy hordes of monsters as you collect, tăng cấp and fuse equipment while learning new skills to lớn take into lớn combat against bosses, endless waves of enemies and other players.

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Publisher: GluPlayerbase: HighType: di động ARPGRelease Date: December 18, 2013Pros: +Real-time PvPhường. +Great Graphics.Cons: -Highly repetitive sầu gameplay. -Pay-to-win elements. -No co-op.



Trò chơi Eternity Warriors 3 Overview

Trò chơi Eternity Warriors 3 is a 3 chiều hack-n-slash action RPG available for iOS and Android that features three distinct, playable characters và tons of equipment to lớn collect & tăng cấp. The game centers on its Diablo III inspired combat và dungeon crawling, which is smoothly ported to lớn mobile platforms with a touch-activated joystick và large, round skill buttons. Players progress through the game in pursuit of new equipment which can be forged and evolved khổng lồ increase both its usefulness và its gearscore, which can be done by recycling old equipment và by collecting quality items from quests & dungeons that allow you khổng lồ evolve the công trình to lớn the next màn chơi. The game’s three classes offer multiple unlockable, upgradeable skills that allow players to control the game field, which focus primarily on dodging và interrupting enemy attacks while dealing massive sầu damage. Players can battle it out in the game’s Aremãng cầu, the Endless Aremãng cầu, or the game’s story chiến dịch which offers both normal & legendary modes for a large amount of linear dungeons to lớn grind.

Trò chơi Eternity Warriors 3 Key Features:

Diablo-style ARPG Combat – Unlike many freemium Mobile games, ETW3 has skill-based, real-time action combat that requires dodging, positioning and ability timing.

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Three Playable Classes (Warrior, Monk, Mage) – Traverse the game’s massive sầu amount of nội dung with a chất lượng character that features their own skills, equipment, và playstyle.Tons of Dungeons to lớn Crawl – The game offers multiple difficulties in its story mode, as well as an Endless Mode that sends wave after wave sầu of quái dị against players in a battle of stamimãng cầu.PvP Arena – Initially released without PvPhường., EW3 now features real-time PvP combat that pits players in a 1v1 arena for glory & loot.Robust Equipment System – Multiple options for upgrading equipment, including: socketing equipment with rare gems, recycling old gear lớn strengthen new armors, or evolve gear into a heightened state with unique & hard-to-find loot drops.

Trò chơi Eternity Warriors 3 Screenshots

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