World cup 2018 schedule excel template

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World Cup Schedule và Scoresheet is an excel spreadsheet lớn trachồng the schedule and record actual results that you might have sầu been waiting for. Since 2008, I have sầu committed to lớn create and provide không tính phí fixtures and score sheets for soccer tournaments and leagues. Starting with a simple Euro 2008 và then continued with World Cup 2010, those score sheets have been expanded lớn have sầu more nice-to-have sầu features khổng lồ accompany people tracking their favorite teams during that global soccer events. Thanks khổng lồ Microsoft, too, since they have added more features & functions to make creating this spreadsheet easier.

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About FIFA World Cup itself, there are not many changes from the number of teams and regulation since 1998, the first time FIFA allow 32 teams to lớn participate in the sự kiện. Although, it could be changed by 2026 where 48 teams could compete in the 23rd World Cup.

Template Contents

This template package includes three files:

World Cup Schedule và Scoresheet No Flag FunctionsWorld Cup Schedule and ScoresheetWorld Cup Scoresheet Top Scorer

How To Use The Template

This World Cup Schedule and Scoresheet is my 3rd World Cup spreadsheet. Compare with the previous two spreadsheets, I have sầu added a few features khổng lồ help you personalize this spreadsheet. Furthermore, to match more on official group tie-breaker regulation.


To start using this template, you can go to lớn the upper part of this worksheet lớn set your language and timezone. And if you can"t find one, you can personalize it by yourself from Custom Language worksheet.


You can customize this spreadsheet by setting its language khổng lồ meet your own language & its timezone to fit your own time. I use Google translator tool to lớn translate English terms lớn particular language. That translator tool might not translate those words/terms correctly, so you can retype incorrect translation into lớn proper one.

Modifying LanguageSelect language that you want lớn correct in cell C7Type new translation for terms that you want to lớn correct in E column. You don"t have khổng lồ retype all terms. Just terms that you want to modify.Go lớn Tournament worksheet và select MY LANGUAGE khổng lồ change all terms to your new translation language.Modifying Match TimeType your đô thị time difference with Moscow in cell E4. If your time is ahead of Moscow you can put "+" sign in cell D4. If your time is lagging behind Moscow, you can put "-" sign in cell D4.Go to Tournament worksheet & select MY CITY to lớn adjust match time with your local time.

Beside those two options, you can also highlights particular group matches, team names & match venues by selecting it from respective dropdown menu above score sheet table.

After you personalize this tournament worksheet, you can start typing actual results inlớn respective sầu boxes. You can play around with scores lớn see ranking movement of each countries in their respective sầu groups.

Group Standings Simulation

Based on FIFA regulation, actual rankings of teams in each group are determined as follows (regulations Article 32.5):

points obtained in all group matches;goal difference in all group matches;number of goals scored in all group matches;points obtained in the group matches between the teams concerned;goal difference in the group matches between the teams concerned;number of goals scored in the group matches between the teams concerned;fair play points (first yellow card: minus 1 point; indirect red thẻ (second yellow card): minus 3 points; direct red card: minus 4 points; yellow card & direct red card: minus 5 points);drawing of lots by the FIFA Organising Committee.

I have sầu simulated on how each team will rank based on tie-breaker regulation above in their respective groups in this World Cup Schedule và Scoresheet.


In Group A, each team has different points. Their rankings will be determined without problem based on rule no 1. It is applied to lớn Group B as well.

In Group C, the top two teams are having similar points. But, France will be put on top because they have better goal difference than Denmark (rule no 2).

In Group D, Argentina is put on top because they never lost. The remaining three teams are sharing similar points. Since Nigeria & Icelvà have better goal difference than Croatia, Croatia is eliminated. Both Nigeria và Icelvà have similar goal difference and goal scored. And there is no winner in their match. It means, their ranking will be decided by fair play points (rule no 7) since the application of rule 1-6 doesn"t yield a clear winner.


Put fair play points next lớn respective team in Custom Language worksheet. You can go to lớn FIFA trang web lớn get the value if it goes to that situation. I put -10 for Nigeria and -12 for Icel& to lớn simulate the situation. Since Nigeria have higher fair play points (-10 against -12), then Nigeria is qualified & Icelvà is eliminated. This situation also happened in Group E where Brazil is sharing similar record with Costa Rica. Brazil is through because they have better fair play points (-10 against -11). You can see it applied in the second image above sầu.

In Group F, South Korea is put on top of Sweden, because South Korea won over Sweden. Even though their group stats is similar, South Korea have the right lớn advance to the knoông xã out rounds (stopped at rule no 4).

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In Group G, winner & runner up is decided by rule no 2.

In Group H, all team have similar points. Goal differences have yielded Polvà lớn become Group H Winner và Senegal lớn be eliminated. Rule no 4 has yielded Colombia to qualify since they defeated nhật bản in their match.

In 2018 year tournament, Group H produced nhật bản và Senegal as two teams with similar records where their ranks have sầu to lớn be decided by rule no 7. How to apply it? Go khổng lồ Custom Language worksheet & put -4 in nhật bản row & -6 in Senegal row. It will switch the position and put nhật bản above sầu Senegal. You can see sample on how rule no 7 implemented in second screenshot above sầu.

What about if after rule no 7, teams are still tied? FIFA has to run Rule no 8. Since it is based on drawing, you need khổng lồ type directly inside group standing table to make it follow the drawing result.

Knochồng Out Stages Simulation

There are formulas that will automatically place group winners and runner ups in respective sầu brackets. There are conditional formatting formulas that will show background colors based on their respective groups. As you see in group standing table, group A has yellow color where you can see it shown as background color for Russia and Uruguay in their brackets. This color will follow them if they defeat their opponents và advance to the next round.


In this knoông xã out stages, you just need to lớn type actual Full Time score (normal + extra time) in light green boxes next to lớn team names. If full time scores is draw, then pink color boxes will be shown where you can fill it with Penalty Shoot Out result. Team who win the match will be move khổng lồ the next round automatically. Their flags và background color markers will follow accordingly. Type score results until final lớn complete this spreadsheet.

Watch the youtube đoạn Clip below to lớn understand more about how khổng lồ use this World Cup Schedule và Scoresheet.

I created only two World Cup Schedule & Scoresheet models. One with formulas khổng lồ show country"s flags automatically và one without it. You may use the second one if you got slow processing issues while your Excel processing your inputted scores.

These spreadsheets are không tính tiền to use. But, remember that the license is only for usage within your own businesses. You are not allowed to distribute or resell it to other parties.

World Cup Score Sheets with Goal Scorers Input

You might want khổng lồ traông chồng goal scorers in World Cup. If that"s the case, you can use this spreadsheet. It has goal scorer tracker capability. I am using my previous World Cup spreadsheet since I prioritize modification for other spreadsheets. I just replaced team names & their squads. Squad names haven"t been officially announced, you need to update it with the official ones after they are available. I will update it as well.

This spreadsheet has different format than others to lớn accommodate goal scorers.

To use it, you need to type actual scores for any completed matches. You will see goal scorer dropdown danh mục color markers. You can select player name from that dropdown list. If there is an own goal, you can select player with (og) bracket behind their names lớn exclude their goals in top scorer menu calculation.

You can see final group standings at the bottom of the worksheet. And there are temporary top scorer menu at the right side where you can see names in top scorer list. Then, you can continue typing the score và selecting goal scorers for all matches in Knoông chồng Out Stages worksheet. There are 3 score boxes you need to lớn fill, Normal Time (NT), Extra Time (ET) & Penalty Kichồng (PK) boxes. You will see similar background color cells with goalscorer dropdown danh mục. The number of boxes fill follow the scores in NT and ET boxes. You don"t need to type goal scorers for PK scores since top scorer calculation won"t exclude it in top scorer danh mục. But, you still need to lớn type PK score khổng lồ decide respective match winner that will advance to the next round.

You can see final top scorer list at the top of Knoông chồng Out Stages worksheet. If there are more than one player that are having similar goals, a reorder rank table will be shown khổng lồ allow you to reorder their rank based on FIFA correct order. FIFA regulate that there are other parameters, those are their assists and their playing minutes lớn break the similar goal ties. Since I don"t want to lớn add more complexity into the formula, I made it simple by adding reorder table to lớn rank them manually.

See this youtube đoạn phim to learn on how lớn use World Cup Scoresheet with Topscorer.