New ways to go live: now from your computer

In an update that included a variety of features, Facebook announced the ability for broadcasters to go live directly from desktop.

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This not only simplifies the process, but eliminates the need for third-buổi tiệc nhỏ applications lượt thích Wirecast, OBS or BeLive.

That is... unless you"re looking for more advanced features like:

Using multiple camerasAdd cool elements, logos & textCreate a branded lower-third, and more.

With this lathử nghiệm Facebook update, live streaming is as easy as hopping on your computer and clicking the live button.

“We are rolling out the ability lớn go live sầu on Facebook via a website browser to Pages. A variety of broadcast types — lượt thích daily vlogs — benefit from an easy, stable camera cài đặt, and bringing Live khổng lồ laptops and desktops will make this style of broadcasting easier.”

Before today, you had to lớn mess with your thiết bị di động phone, camera, and a possibly shaky setting.

Ready to dive in?

Learn how you can get started with Facebook Live for desktop today!

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Facebook Live Is Here For Desktop (How To Use It)

First things first.

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If you"ve sầu wondered what all the hype around live streaming is about, here"s the deal.

Why Use Facebook Live for Your Business?

1. Live streaming is about connection and interaction. Instead of talking at them, you’re talking with them - & in real time.

Think about those days when you want khổng lồ giới thiệu a quiông chồng tip or a behind the scenes look into lớn your business?

"Live streaming is about connection và interaction.Instead of talking at them, you’re talking with them - & in real time."Click to Tweet

But be careful. You never want khổng lồ go in without a plan.

Per Diana Gordon, senior partner and group director of search và social at truyền thông agency Mindmô tả NA, you need to lớn be prepared for the unknown and unavoidable that comes with live sầu video clip.

“Live sầu feeds are still in their infancy, so brands should be prepared to bởi vì a lot of kiểm tra and learn,” she said. “Marketers need to lớn set realistic goals, benchmark and work khổng lồ grow, testing và learning along the way. Not every piece of content can & will be a winner, but that’s part of the learning process.”

2. And along the lines of saving time, recording a live sầu stream is nowhere near the time it takes to prepare any other type of content.

It takes a few minutes to lớn do a Facebook Live sầu, a lot less than it takes lớn create a social truyền thông media graphic, post that same information, or as my friend Andy Crestodimãng cầu found:

Much less time than it takes to write a blog post.

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