Which Football Game Is Better, Fifa Or Pes?

Every year EA and Konangươi battle it out to produce the best football game on the market, and every year a similar story : FIFA has the licences, but PES wins on the gameplay front.

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While both games are great in their own ways, and diehard fans of either game will be hard to lớn sway, most of us only have the time & money khổng lồ spare for one new football game every year. So, of course, the question is FIFA 19 or PES 2019.


FIFA 19 is available for PS4, Xbox One và PC and costs £49.99in the UK và $59.99 in the US.

PES 2019 has an RRP of £54.99/$59.99 but it’s available for less on Amazon. You can get it for PS4 or Xbox One. Amazon US also stocks it



FIFA 19 is the more streamlined, accessible football game. It’s not easier per se, but it’s easier lớn get into lớn and feel like you are improving, with a gentler learning curve sầu.

We have also found that in FIFA you have sầu have khổng lồ learn so many more buttons combos than in PES. Curling a shot requires a combo, as does one-twos, but that’s not the case in PES 2019.

There are intricate controls in there, but you don’t need lớn master them all in order lớn win difficult matches. FIFA 19 rewards silky stepovers and tactical flourishes, but it doesn’t demand you know them all during the first match.

PES 2018 was a nearly perfect execution of how football should feel.

This year, they’ve sầu added 11 new skills, including the cross-over turn, no-look pass, controlled chip, dipping shot và rising shot.

Players also show Visible Fatigue, which impacts performance and behaviour.

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PES 2019’s gameplay is truer to life — i.e., it’s a bit harder lớn master. The attention lớn detail is greater too, with passes in particular very polished. A player will play a different style of pass depending on the phối up of the surrounding players và adds a surprising feeling of variety and lifelike feel to gameplay.



FIFA’s gameplay leans a bit more lớn the offense & PES is more of a defensive gaming experience. Which one you value kind of depends on what you prefer. This is really too cthua thảm to Call, & it would be unfair khổng lồ give one game the edge over the other here.

This was a major win for FIFA 19 this year–at least on offense. Your teammates will continue to run even after delivering a pass or in anticipation of receiving one. This action creates angles for through-balls và other rapid passing opportunities.


Pes 19 - You’ll notice there’s a huge divide between officially licensed players and teams — Mesđê mê or Coutinho, for example — and those that are not. The creative sầu duo from Barcelona both look fantastic and the Camp Nou is rendered in stunning detail.There are many teams that boast generic faces that lack detail. When placed next lớn face-scanned stars such as Leo Mesham, it makes for an unflattering comparison.


The same goes for stadiums. Walking out on to the Camp Nou feels every bit as epic as it should vì chưng. The same can’t be said for some of the fictional stadia — often exposing poorly detailed crowd models & flat lighting.

Fifa 19 - Crowd detail has improved — look closely & you’ll see individual members waving flags — while player animation makes last year’s version look animatronic.Player faces are, for the most part, incredibly detailed — và far more consistent than the likes of PES. They do boast an unrealistic shine under some lighting, though.

While we’re talking graphics, we have sầu lớn talk presentation too. Like in previous years PES’ menus và UI are truly awful. This is same basic user interface we’ve sầu had for years and it remains slow, ugly & frustrating.


Both games feel more fluid than their predecessors và as a result offer up a more realistic game of football. FIFA’s new Active sầu Touch System is arguably the biggest gameplay tweak across both games. While PES has stood still, FIFA has made the most of its licenses while at the same time improving its on-field product & singleplayer innovations, resulting in one of the most comprehensive sầu và enjoyable sports games in years.

Unfortunately, PES 2019 can’t hide behind the few teams it has licensed và put on the box and throughout its menus — FIFA 19 is simply a more rounded experience. FIFA 19 also has a bigger online community and better one player options, plus some excellent new offline multiplayer modes.