Fleece là gì

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He was fleecing investors by setting up bogus companies & then manipulating the price of their stocks.
fleece sb out of sth A man was convicted for using bogus website pages lớn fleece Americans out of $500,000.
The ventilator shafts were stuffed with sheep fleeces, and a few bleating sheep were put in the front of the lorry.
They are planning more and more taxes, so the road user will be fleeced, but less and less will be spent on public transport.
During that time, our sheep would have had 40 fleeces & some 40 lambs would have sầu come from that sheep stock.
However, the taxpayer, who initially paid for the bridge, is being fleeced and is having khổng lồ pay interest charges on the money provided.
The public are being fleeced every week, being almost bled White and exploited by these people who just want to make vast sums of money.
There are hundreds of cases that could, và should have been dealt with involving crooked directors, deliberately fleecing the public.
The phrases ripped off, fleeced, done, overcharged or taken for a ride all mean the same thing: people have sầu not received value for money.
Surely these men ought not khổng lồ have sầu lớn suffer all the disadvantages of long-distance travel and then be fleeced by the railway companies?
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