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Version: 1.2 Developer: Playgendary Requirements: Android 5.0+ Update Date: 26.02.2021 Publication date: 31.10.2018 Rated for: 3+ years

Flip the Gun hack game android (Money / Unlocked) for game android – an arcade project that offers users to practice shooting with firearms. You have to lớn check the power of dozens of actually existing models of revolvers, machine guns, and rifles. The game’s main task is khổng lồ shoot more and rise as high as possible to lớn get the maximum number of points and go to the next cấp độ. Despite the simplicity of mechanics & gameplay, fans of such applications will be interested in checking the guns’ combat potential.

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At the beginning of the màn chơi, you are given one of the presented guns, which you need lớn shoot at the ground, thereby gradually rising to the top. In this way, virtual funds and points are being dropped inlớn the account. The kiến thiết is concise, so you will not see the shooter himself – only the gun, the cartridges, và the coins you need to collect during the game are visible on display. Also, additional ammunition will sometimes appear, without which it will not always be possible to lớn pass the location to lớn the over since there are still a few cartridges. There are also blue colored arrows – they are responsible for accelerating and lifting.

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One of the features of mechanics Flip the Gun haông chồng Game is the physical elements that give sầu the gameplay a striking realism. After the shot, the selected weapon not only flies up but also makes turns. When a sufficient amount of funds is collected on your game balance, you can go to lớn the store & buy new types of weapons, for example, a xạ thủ rifle or even a laser gun. At first glance, there is no difference. However, each Model has a certain number of cartridges in the store, & the greater the number, the better for the player.

Collect the necessary amounts lớn unlochồng all types of weapons – the task is not for the faint-hearted gamers since symbolic encouragement is charged for passing one location. If your time is precious to lớn you and it is not interesting to lớn spend it to see what else is in the arsenal in the game, we offer you an excellent alternative sầu.

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