SHANGHAI--(BUSINESS WIRE)--One of the leading next generation 3D fantasy Action-RPG games, Legacy of Discord - Furious Wings, launched globally earlier this week.

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After earning a recommendation during Apple Worldwide Developers Conference năm 2016 for its stunning visuals và smooth performance, the game now featured globally on Google Play Store. The game engine was specifically designed to lớn push the limits of sản phẩm điện thoại graphics while maintaining optimal performance. With intense real-time combat as the players hachồng, slash, & blast their way through a gorgeous fantasy world filled with dazzling loot, epic bosses and endless adventures.

Legacy of Discord offers 3 distinct classes for players to choose from, each with their own unique set of skills. Guardians can rain down fiery meteors & skết thúc phantom dragons crashing into lớn their enemies with taps or swipes of the screen. The dynamic combat và tight controls allow players khổng lồ use their reflexes và positioning lớn overcome the most extreme challenges.

Players will thử nghiệm their skills in a variety of PvE modes such as the Story Campaign, monster Challenges, Trials, & more. Various real-time PvP modes are also available for gamers to hone their skills: 1v1 combat or massive sầu brawls in the PvP.

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King mode where up lớn thousands of players can fight real time for the crown!

Legacy of Discord provides a ton of customization options for players to lớn develop their characters from a novice fighter inkhổng lồ a mighty champion decked out in dazzling armor.

One of the game’s main features is the powerful Wrathwings that can be equipped khổng lồ gain immense power. Each Wrathwing is visually distinct and animated in combat with detailed effects. Players can also customize their characters with thousands of weapons, armor sets, battle pets, & more!

Legacy of Discord has already set a new standard far ahead of its genre. The game engine was specifically designed khổng lồ push the limits of Smartphone graphics while maintaining an optimal performance. Register for Legacy of Discord - Furious Wings today. Special global launch gifts packages and more rewards wait ahead. Become a Guardian và unleash your legacy!

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