Congratulations, you’ve finally made it to lớn Japan! As you start moving into your apartment and settling down, you’ll need khổng lồ start putting together a shopping danh sách. Hopefully one of the first items on your shopping danh mục is a new bed. While Googling photos of beds in Japan will yield plenty of images of traditional futons, there are actually many different types of beds suitable for different rooms. Whether you’re in a tatamày or carpeted room, we’ve sầu outlined five different types of beds commonly used in Japan & the best places you can buy them.

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Traditional Japanese Futon


As for pillows, one comtháng type of Japanese pillow is filled with little beads, which conkhung khổng lồ the shape of your nechồng và head and help give you a good night’s sleep. The Japanese futon is usually laid on tatangươi mats rather than hardwood floors, as the mats are much softer và provide more support.

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Another great option khổng lồ compliment the small kích thước of Japanese apartments are sofa beds. Similar lớn Western-style futon beds, sofa beds can function as both a sleeping & sitting space. While not featuring the most dazzling designs, the cheapest sofa beds can be purchased starting from 5,000 JPY. More expensive sầu sofa beds offer better designs, levels of comfort, & storage options. They’re a great way to lớn không lấy phí up some space in your Japanese apartment; however, they can be quite uncomfortable to lớn sleep on if you’re taller than 160cm.

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Tatangươi Platform Bed


The most comtháng type of bed found in Japanese households is the Western-style mattress and bedding. The bed frames can be costly, with the most basic frames starting at trăng tròn,000 yen. However, the beds are made lớn last for a long time & give sầu extra storage to the users. Western beds also have sầu a variety of different sizes compared lớn the Japanese futon. The shikinút typically come in the single kích cỡ, while Western mattresses come in twin, semi-double, double, queen, và king sizes.

Ashitsuki Mattress

Ashitsuki (“legs attached”) mattresses are convenient if you want the comfort of a Western bed on a tight budget. As an expat, investing in a mattress và bed frame can phối you baông chồng quite a few yen. So if you don’t want khổng lồ spover too much on a bed in Japan but still want the comfort of a Western mattress, then an ashitsuki mattress might be a good choice. The removable legs attached lớn the bed give the mattress some height, freeing up some space in your home. In the future, if you decide lớn purchase a bed frame, then the legs can be removed, leaving a regular mattress.

Although they are cheaper than a full bed mix, they don’t provide a lot of extra space underneath. There have sầu also been some complaints that you can only buy bedsheets from the store you bought your bed from, as those from other retailers might not fit the mattress. However, they are often sized with general Japanese sizes, which include single, semi-double, double, etc., so you can try sheets that are marketed as the same kích cỡ.

Bed Sizes

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There are a variety of stores in Japan where you can find all these types of beds. The two most popular Japanese stores are Muji và Nitori. Muji is known by everyone for its minimacác mục designs và simple packaging. It’s not the cheapest place to lớn cửa hàng, but it’s a good option compared to more recognized brands & boutiques.

Nitori is similar to Muji in that a lot of the furniture features minimal designs, but it offers much cheaper prices. Ikea has also recently gained popularity in nhật bản, with its Western designs and delicious food. For shoppers, Ikea và Nitori are both considered affordable options for buyers looking for nice furniture at a good price.

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Although in the West, people take a more cautious approach when shopping in second-h& stores, here in Japan they’re often a buyer’s first destination. Second-hand items in Japan are often well taken care of, và it’s easy khổng lồ find items in like-new or gently-used condition. Some popular second-h& stores in nhật bản include Off-House và 2nd Street. Off-House sells everything house-related from clothes, to kitchenware lớn furniture as well. 2nd Street also sells furniture, but the store focuses mostly on clothing, leaving a smaller selection of furniture khổng lồ choose from compared khổng lồ Off-House.


There is no one-size-fits-all option when it comes to lớn purchasing a bed in Japan. Depending on your room type & sleeping needs, you can find a comfortable bed that fits your budget. We hope this article helped you with your search for choosing the best bed in Japan.

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