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Cartoon Wars
Arcade, Fighting
Infinite Coins
September 15, 2019 (2 years ago)

Cartoon Wars – If someone asks what makes us feel the most interesting when we were a kid, maybe Is the answer always animated? Actually, I also love animated movies, until now.

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The reason is that they are very clear, interesting, funny & give me fun moments. Many times, I also want lớn live sầu in the world of animation, have a peaceful life with the characters that I love sầu, then I would have a happy life. But I also think, the characters in the cartoon are not living in harmony anymore, và between them, that happen lớn war? Let me explore the fiction of that war with Cartoon Wars!



Cartoon Wars tells the story of the struggle between the characters in the animated world. The main gameplay of this game is survival, the player will be immersed inkhổng lồ a cartoon character then fight with other players, similar to the popular PUBG game today. Once you have sầu created your character, look for a playroom, after all, 30 players you will be taken khổng lồ a large đô thị. Here, find the equipment and weapons you need to lớn prepare for the upcoming battle. Everywhere on the ground appear weapons, ammunition, armor, và food items that help the character recover energy.

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As soon as you l&, try to lớn loot equipment quickly, then seek shelter lớn avoid the attention of other players, otherwise you will soon be defeated.


For each battle, there are 30 players và a maximum of 5 minutes each. The characters must find each other lớn fight for the purpose of becoming the last survivor. Also, during that time, the boarder’s safety ring will continually shrink, the player must stay inside, otherwise he will be hit by poison gas and thua kém his life. Eventually, as a player, they will win và receive sầu valuable rewards, experience to level up with bonuses khổng lồ shopping for extra items.


The game offers a variety of chất lượng cartoon characters, each with distinctive shapes và powerful fighting skills. Each time you level up, you will receive battle points to lớn learn new skills. Each character has a total of 5 skills, with hundreds of characters to choose from, explore their quality skills!


Sum up

Overall, Cartoon Wars is a thrilling survival game and is currently being loved by a very lightweight, only about 35MB. Graphics are collapsed with 2.5D blocks, just like the Minecraft gameplay, but the motion processing in this game is very smooth, not inferior khổng lồ the chất lượng of 3 chiều graphics. game Play is also highly appreciated, and you can show your fighting skills in the best way with the character’s combos. Can you master the battlefield?

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