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COPENHAGEN, Denmark, March 15, 2018 /sydneyowenson.com/ -- "Subway Surfers," the endless runner phenomenon, has been downloaded more than 1 billion times on Google Play. This makes it the first game ever on the platkhung to lớn reach the prominent milestone.

Initially launched in May 2012 by SYBO and Kiloo, "Subway Surfers" continues to lớn be aao ước the most popular thiết bị di động games around the world. Last year the game broke through its all-time annual download record with more than 400 million mostly organic downloads & was the most downloaded game of 2017 across the globe.

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Subway Surfers, the endless runner phenomenon, has been downloaded more than 1 billion times on Google Play.

"We are thrilled to lớn be the biggest game in the world on the Google Play platform. Surpassing 1 billion downloads is a historic accomplishment. In this case, history was written by a talented team of developers và a fantastic collaboration between SYBO and Kiloo," says Jacob Møller, Kiloo CEO.

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SYBO Games Chief Executive Officer, Mathias Gredal Noervig, elaborates on the collaboration & future development of the "Subway Surfers" universe:

"We have sầu achieved greatness by combining our strengths at SYBO and Kiloo. The continued growth of the game & br& is our focus, and we are excited about future releases, and the animated short films that are launching later this year. The players will have sầu even more great content lớn consume."


In "Subway Surfers," players take on the role of the graffiti-tagging main protagonist Jake or one of his many friends. They run from the grumpy inspector and his dog through the subway systems of famous cities around the world while collecting coins & dodging oncoming trains.

The "Subway Surfers" World Tour has visited a well-known destination every month. The World Tour has made 79 visits across six continents! Jake và his chasing guard and dog originally appeared in an animated short movie. Now they are joined by new friendly characters in every update, paying tribute khổng lồ world cultures và diversity.

The next update will see the World Tour continue in Iceland.


SYBO Games is a chất lượng di động games studio based in Copenhagene, Denmark. Since its inception by two friends from Animation School in 2007, they"ve been known to lớn create original IPs that delight và enthrall everyone who plays. With a diverse & talented workforce of over 75 people spanning nearly đôi mươi nationalities, they look forward khổng lồ harnessing their creativity lớn take the SYBO br& to lớn even greater heights. www.sybogames.com.

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Kiloo is a leading Smartphone game developer and publisher founded in 2000. Our ambition is to create cool, colorful và catchy games that are as fun khổng lồ play as they are to make. We are a team of over 120 dedicated people with many different backgrounds, nationalities, & cultures. Our headquarters is located in Aarhus, Denmark, & we also have sầu offices in Copenhagen và Budapest. Visit www.kiloo.com.

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