Artifact closed beta interface

I downloaded the game client from the official Secret Worlds Legends page.However, when I double click the inhỏ, the launcher will not start. Instead I get the “Send Report to” window.Submitted a ticket at the Secret World Legends trang web under trương mục. This was on 6/27,On 7/1 I get an email from Support asking what game this was for. I had put that in the original ticket (there’s a dropdown that makes you do that), but I replied anyway, hoping for the best.It’s now 7/10 and I still haven’t heard bachồng from support. What is going on???

Does anyone have a solution to the launcher issue? Or is there a better way of contacting support?


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Hey there - I’m sure you’ve probably tried already, but it might be worth attempting to tải về it again? Also, is Steam involved? I am sorry you haven’t gotten helped sooner. They’ve sầu been busy recently with the launch of the event, I suspect. (Not an excuse, but possibly part of the reason.)

Other ideas, try running it as administrator? (Right cliông xã the ibé rather than double clicking it?)

At any rate, you definitely need Tech Support, it sounds like. Hopefully one of the Moderators will see your message here và help you get some assistance. Hang in there!


Do you meet the minimum requirements for the game? Also worth making an exception in your firewall for the game. Some ppl have sầu issues with the firewall blocking it. If that doesn’t work maybe try bởi a reinstall?


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Does anyone have sầu a solution khổng lồ the launcher issue? Or is there a better way of contacting support?

The Support Ticket Number could help so if a GM see this Post he clould easier lớn help

Hey there soulofrage67, sorry khổng lồ hear of the trouble. There are a few potential causes for issues lượt thích this, so we’ll need to lớn troubleshoot through your email. If you can please give sầu me the ticket reference ID I’ll be happy to check và see why you haven’t heard bachồng.

My friend is having the same exact issue. Is there a known fix posted somewhere, or vày we have sầu lớn submit a ticket? Appreciate the help!


We’ll be happy lớn assist your friover, but they’ll need to open a support ticket. Please ask them to go lớn & submit a ticket with Tech selected so we can get them in the tech support queue. Please don’t necro old threads in the meantime.

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